Intro to the Utilization App

In this article, we will review Utilization within the Apps section in CommandCenterHD (CCHD).

Utilization allows Administrators to take a deeper dive into the day-to-day utilization metrics within CCHD. These reports display data like User activity, Device authorization timelines, and assets within the account.

The app also has a House Keeping tool that gives you the ability to quickly identify assets that are no longer in use and remove them from the CCHD.

Accessing Utilization

1. On the Navigation Bar at the top of CCHD, click Apps.

2. In the Apps section, use the Search Bar to find Utilization

3. Select the Utilization App.


The CommandCenterHD section lists the Image, Video, Campaign, and Channel assets in your account. The weekly report is accompanied by a line chart with the progression of assets that date back to the beginning of your account.


The Devices section displays the Active Device count in CCHD and available licenses (Devices Authorized) dating back to the beginning of the account.

The Manage Devices Report option in the top left corner of the section allows you to build a custom report that can be exported as an Excel file.

Click Add Report to build a new report.

Give the report a Name and choose the Device Fields you wish to include within the report.

Then, click Save. On the Device Reports window, you'll see the report in the list. Click the .xlsx file under the Download Link column to export the file.

Red Core Devices

The Red Core Devices section details a report of all the Active Devices that are scheduled to play content from the Red Core App.


Users displays the number of Users that are active in CCHD during a specified week.

Below the chart is a list of all Users in CCHD, including their User ID, Name, Date Created, and how long ago was their Last Login.

Select Download Export to download an Excel file with the information listed below:

  • User ID

  • Email

  • Name

  • Default Group

  • Groups

  • Is Administrator?

  • Date Created

  • Last Date Modified

  • Last Login

Daily Activity

Daily Activity allows you to search for a day and see a log of every event that occurred within CCHD. Each event is listed with a Timestamp for when it occurred, which User ID responsible for the event, and an Event Log that details what happened.

The Log information is written in a language that may not be easily understood by the casual Admin, so if you have any questions or need help tracking down any changes you can reach out to the IW Support Team for assistance.

If you don't see a User associated with the event, that most likely is an automation on the back-end that is running, like when Red Core updates content daily or weekly.


The Campaigns section displays all Campaigns in CCHD and when they were last updated.


Groups allows you to choose a Group in CCHD and report on any associated items connected to the Group, using the Entity Type field. These Entity Types include:

  • Users

  • Channels

  • Campaigns

  • Devices

House Keeping

The House Keeping section is designed to help Administrators identify assets that are currently or no longer in use. This tool is used to assist in clean up efforts for CCHD, to remove any items that are not being utilized anymore.

You can use the Asset Type to choose which items you'd like to search:

  • Channels

  • Campaigns

  • Templates

Then, you can use the Sort By to modify the report to filter by Creation Date or Last Modified Date. To filter even further, you can check the Not Used box and it will only show assets that or no longer in use.

To Delete an Asset, you can click the Red X associated with the individual asset.

If you'd like to Bulk Delete Assets, check the box to the left of the assets and click the Trash Can button next to the Sort By field at the top.

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