The Expansion Package is an additional bundle of Apps and services that reaches beyond the standard CommandCenterHD license catalog. With these increased options, your signage can advance to rock star status.

What’s Included?

Increase Productivity with Content Automation

Let’s connect your pre-existing data and transform it into eye-catching digital content transmits itself to your signage.

Creative and Social Fresh Daily Content

Audiences love to learn and be entertained. Shake up the cycle of your organization’s messaging with some outside content.

Control Content with Technical Management

No need to worry about the state of your signage or turning screens off, we have tools that help you maximize your efforts.

Automation: Let Your Information Do The Work


One of the most important communication topics in any organization is event information. Our App takes the messages straight to the screens as you update your calendar.


Don’t let your cafe signage get stale. Cafeteria pricing and menu items are displayed via a modern, easy to edit medium. Logos and colors are customized to your organization’s standards.


Emergencies are never welcomed, but having an automated communication plan in action helps the process. Get your alert messages to the signs the instant an emergency strikes.

Content: Keep It Fresh

 Social Media Feeds

Social media is popular for a reason! People love staying up to date with posts and statuses. Take your organization’s media posts to the signs or follow what your fans are posting.

 Original Daily Content

Who doesn’t love learning health and wellness tips or fun facts? Our creative team designs and animates fresh, daily content chock full of these entertaining tidbits.


 Daily Associated Press News

Everyone reads the news, so let them access this information from the signs! Our Associated Press modules includes business, sports, and entertainment news stories paired with high quality images.

IT Management: Get Your Resources Here

 Content Campaign Reports

Learn how often your content is speaking to your audience to better strategize initiatives for the future. With content campaign reports you can pull reporting on content schedules and playback.

 Control It!

Schedule your screens to power on when audiences are around and off during low traffic or dead hours. Save your organization time, money, and energy!

 HTML Site Support

If your organization uses HTML, we have the technical resources that speak your language. Take advantage of new platforms to push your content to the next level.

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