What is MediaHD?

MediaHD is the repository for all media assets in CommandCenterHD. This includes Images, Videos, HTML (if enabled) and Remote Images. Your Media Asset’s activity status is also controlled via the MediaHDs ‘active’ vs. ‘inactive’ options.

What is the Aspect Ratio?

The aspect ratio of a shape is the ratio of its longer dimension to its shorter dimension. For example, the standard widescreen monitor is a 16:9 ratio and CRT monitors of the past were 4:3.

What types of video formats does CommandCenterHD support?

We support a plethora of your everyday file types. We recommend MPEG-4 for video and PNG for images.

I am uploading a video but the page loader just keeps spinning, why?

Just like downloading a video, uploading a video may take some time to process… especially if it is a large file.

How long does it take before my video becomes available after upload?

It depends on the size of the video. A safe estimate is two seconds to process each second of the video. Example: A 30 second video = 60 seconds of processing time.

I uploaded a video, now there is a yellow caution light in the Edit column. What do I do?

After being uploaded, CommandCenterHD processes the video before distribution. Depending on the size of the file, the upload could take several minutes. A safe estimate is two seconds to process each second of the video. Example: A 30 second video = 60 seconds of processing time.

Try refreshing the page to update the status of your video. The browser may ask if you want to resend the data, click the OK or Yes button.

The images and/or video on my display look fuzzy or distorted, why?

You may have uploaded a low-resolution image or video. Be sure that the images or videos you use are set to a resolution no lower than the size that you wish to display on the sign.

I uploaded an image to the MediaHD but it is not available while editing my slides and/or templates, why?

Whenever media is uploaded to the system you need to ‘Activate’ the item before it will available for use in a slide or template. 

What is the ‘Cache’ option under Remote Images?

You have the option to ‘cache’ a remote image or in other words, store it locally on your media player for an allotted period of time.

By default, caching is disabled and the remote image will reload from its external source every time it is loaded on a slide.

By caching an image, you are designating a time frame for when the image should be reloaded by CommandCenterHD. You can cache an image for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours. When an image is cached, it will still appear on the display, even if network connectivity is lost.

From within MediaHD you can enable caching on a remote image, click the cache icon and then select a Cache Interval from the ‘Cache Interval’ drop down. Next, click the ‘Save Image’ icon and your Caching Interval will be saved. If you are running a deployment without a MediaBridge you’ll want to select CommandCenterHD as your relay.

What is MPEG 4?

MPEG-4 incorporates many of the features of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 as well as other related standards. As such, it is becoming the new standard for video compression. MPEG-4 is our recommended video file type.

How do I get the best playback quality for my videos?

CommandCenterHD allows users to upload multiple video formats which it then converts into the supported file type for your media player(s) in your deployment.

We currently offer 4 different transcoding settings for you to choose from. Please see the processing key below to determine the best processing rate for the video you are using.

Note: the system can not improve upon the quality of the video that you upload. For the best results, please refer to the following guidelines:

Full-Screen Video
Video should be at least 1920×1080 and have a video bit rate of 10 Mbps.

Partial Screen Video
Resolution will vary depending on the original size of the video. The video bit rate should be set at 10 Mbps. If your video has the dimensions 640×480, you will want to make sure that you do not stretch the video past these dimensions from within CCHD. If you stretch your video larger than the original size, you may experience unsatisfactory results.

Processing Key
Maximum – 10 Mbps Large – 5 Mbps Medium – 2.5 Mbps Economy – 1 Mbps

Are there any file size limitations for the content I, or members of my staff, can upload to CCHD?

We currently have a limit of 10 gigabytes per file uploaded into CCHD; however, your media players have different capability levels that may be less than 10 gigabytes in total. If you are unsure of how much memory your devices have please reach out to your Account Manager at 877-344-8450 or at AccountTeam@industryweapon.com.

The media I just uploaded is not playing on my screen(s), why?

Once you update an existing campaign or add a new campaign to your channel it will take about 15-20 minutes to see your content in playback. Your content is first downloaded to your MediaBridge then it is downloaded onto your media player before you will see it on your screens.

The remote image I uploaded will not display properly, why?

Check the URL to ensure it is correct. Try copying and pasting the URL in a separate browser window. CommandCenterHD does not alter the link in any way, so if the URL works in another browser window, it should work in CommandCenterHD. If your Remote Image is linking to a path on your local network, make sure that the computer you are trying to access the image from is on the same network. If you are still experiencing an issue, please reach out to our support staff at 877-607-0562 or at Support@industryweapon.com.

When I upload a remote image it says ‘Loading . . .’ where the image should be, why?

Loading external images can take longer than images stored within CommandCenterHD. Network interruptions or a deleted or moved image (on the resource site) can cause CCHD to continue to try and load an image that may not be available.

Can I download media that I’ve uploaded to MediaHD?

Once media is uploaded into MediaHD, it cannot be downloaded.

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