Who handles support for CommandCenterHD?

Support is offered through a few mediums to help satisfy your questions as quickly as possible. Within CommandCenterHD we have provided a robust Support Center including FAQs and video tutorials. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please submit a support ticket from your CommandCenterHD Dashboard by clicking on the “Support” button on the orange header and a CCHD representative will get in touch with you asap!

What browser should I use to access CommandCenterHD?

We support current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer versions 11 and 12.

Logging into CommandCenterHD.

Your Access URL is typically set up as: youraccountid.channelshd.com If you do not know your Account ID, contact your system administrator or your Industry Weapon Account Manager at 877-344-0562 or at AccountTeam@industryweapon.com.

Use your email address as the Username and the Password assigned to you. If the information is correct you should see the following main menu appear. Once logged in you will see your CommandCenterHD Dashboard

What are the benefits of CommandCenterHD?

Our mantra is ‘keep it simple’. Industry Weapon’s background is rooted in providing simple interfaces for consumer-facing technologies and we’ve been doing it for more than 10 years. Simply put, give us the most non-tech savvy person within a company or organization and we’ll have them deploying compelling content to their digital signs within an hour.

Other benefits include: Windows, Mac and Linux compatibility, no downloads are required (CommandCenterHD is a Software as a Service).

If my internet connection goes down, do my screens/displays freeze or go blank?

No, we have built failovers into CommandCenterHD’s campaign management system content engine that allows your displays to continually run campaigns from your media player(s) without an internet connection. No new content will be pulled down to the media player until the internet connection is reestablished but they will continue to run.

Live video, non-cached HTML content, and weather widgets will not play while the internet is down.

How Do I Reboot a Player From CCHD?

Under the devices section of CCHD, click on the question mark next to one of your media players will display details about your media player, the option to reboot, view the full MIB status of your media player and the current file list.

If your device is running on CommandCenterHD connect mode or you’re running a non-linux based device you may be unable to see the status of your device or see limited information.

Do I have to open ports in my network to access the CommandCenterHD system?

In order to get content down to your screens your MediaBridge, requires certain ports to be opened outbound to our servers. Accessing CommandCenterHD to upload and create content will only require a computer with internet access.

What Operating System is my PC required to run your digital media player?

We recommend running Windows 10 on a PC that is rated with a Windows Experience  Index rank of  5 or higher.

We also support Windows 8.2 and 10 to run our Windows app as well.

What if no groups have been assigned?

If no custom groups have been added to your instance of CommandCenterHD by your system administrator, then everyone will be part of “Default Content” group. Media assets uploaded to the system will be, by default, available to all CommandCenterHD users within your organization.

How many signs can CCHD support?

CommandCenterHD is capable of running anywhere from one to unlimited signs.

We have options to accommodate single sign deployments as well as large-scale enterprise installations.

Under the My Profile section, I see an option for ‘Default Group’. What is that?

Default group allows you to target media asset uploads and file availability to an assigned group within CommandCenterHD. For example: if you are part of a group responsible for “This Week’s Specials”, all media you upload will become available for use for the “This Week’s Specials” group. This feature allows you to share images, video, and any other media assets uploaded to the system.

What is an Attribute?

Attributes within CommandCenterHD are tags that uniquely identify the media players in your network. Once your media players are given an attribute or series of attributes, you can deliver content specific to each media player based on the assigned attribute. The marketing possibilities are limitless and you have complete control to create as many attributes as you would like.

Does CommandCenterHD work on PC and/or Mac?

CommandCenterHD works on both platforms, as well as Linux. CCHD is a web browser-based program, so no downloads are required.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. SaaS applications are hosted solutions providing access, maintenance, and ongoing support to customers across the Internet, eliminating the need to install and run an application on the customer’s computer.

What is a DMP?

DMP stands for Digital Media Player. It’s the box connected to a TV that allows the content that has been designed and scheduled using CCHD to be shown on the display monitor.

How does CommandCenterHD work?

In a nutshell, users upload, create and schedule digital signage campaigns based on their desired message using the CommandCenterHD interface through their web browser. Once the campaign has been scheduled and saved, the MediaBridge talks to the digital media player and tells it what media needs to be displayed when it needs to be displayed, and for how long. The media players periodically check in with the MediaBridge to make sure they have all the latest campaigns and media for display.

What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and is a compact audio/video connector interface for transmitting uncompressed digital streams from your media player to your TV.

What is My Profile?

My Profile allows you to personalize your CommandCenterHD experience by adding details about your role within CommandCenterHD, your occupation, personal settings in CCHD, picture, and personal interests.

Does changing my default group setting in the My Profile section change the availability status of previous media assets if assigned to a different group?

No. The default group setting only affects media assets about to be uploaded. If you belong to multiple groups, you can toggle your default group settings and apply media assets as you desire.

How do I add Attributes to CommandCenterHD?

Click on the “Devices” link on the right-hand side of the CommandCenterHD dashboard. Once inside, click the ‘Attribute Manager’ button at the top of the screen. Simply type the name of the attribute you wish to add in the empty text field and click the ‘Save’ icon next to the text field. Your attribute is now available to be added to your devices

What is CCHD?

CCHD stands for CommandCenterHD – the preferred content management system for deploying digital media content.

What is Configuration on the Dashboard?

The Configuration allows you to add/edit your and Zones which are required when setting up the MediaBridge. There is also an option within the Configuration section to set an automated reboot for all media players in your network. For more information regarding setting up a Pin and Zones, please refer to the MediaBridge Quick Start Configuration Guide.

The configuration section of CommandCenterHD can only be accessed by users with Administrator privileges. If you need to edit the Configuration, please contact your CCHD system administrator.

Under the My Profile section can I change my default group?

Yes, any time you wish to share media with a different group you have been assigned to, simply go to My Profile, change the default group setting, then upload the media for that group. If you need to switch to a different group, just repeat the steps and select the next group.

How are CommandCenterHD system updates handled?

Updates are distributed from our server to your CommandCenterHD instance(s) as new features become available. All updates are provided at no charge. Updates can be automatic, scheduled, or manual. Manual updates will require a request from an admin on your account to our support staff to get the update pushed out. If you would like to know more about the update options for CommandCenterHD please reach out to your Account Manager at 877-344-8450 or at AccountTeam@industryweapon.com

How are media player updates handled?

Firmware updates are downloaded and automatically installed on your media players once your CommandCenterHD account has been upgraded.

Can you help our IT professional install the network?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Networks are not our specialty. However, we can assist in developing the planning guide for your digital signage deployment as it relates to CommandCenterHD.

CommandCenterHD Upgrade FAQs

When can I schedule it?

You have three options (can be selected from the configuration section within the Account Settings tab):

  •          Manually schedule all upgrades – Here you have the option to reach out to us at a convenient time for your upgrade.

  •           Automatically upgrade with new releases – Here your account will be upgraded automatically when releases become available.

  •           Scheduled – automatically upgrade at this time/day – Here your account will be upgraded automatically at a time/day of the week of your choosing.

Why doesn’t it happen automatically when an upgrade is available?

You either have not selected your upgrade preferences in the configuration section of your CommandCenterHD account, or you have chosen to schedule your upgrades.

Will my screen go down?

Upon completion of your upgrade, your devices may reboot in order to reflect the newest version of CommandCenterHD.

How long does it take?

Approximately fifteen minutes depending on network speeds. 

What will change in my account?

Increased system performance, bug fixes, and all of the latest CommandCenterHD features.

Who do I coordinate/schedule an upgrade with?

You can give us a call (877-344-8450) or email support@industry weapon to coordinate/schedule your upgrade.

Do I need to pay for an upgrade?

No.  All upgrades come at absolutely no cost.  We are just upgrading the software with added features and ease of use.

Why does my account need to be upgraded?

Upgrades include increased system performance, bug fixes, and all of the latest CommandCenterHD features.

How can I tell how many licenses I have available?

You can find your total license count on the devices page within CommandCenterHD. Once logged in, hover over the wrench in the top orange bar and select Devices in the drop down. Once you are directed to the device page, the very top will show you how many devices your account is authorized for.

Can I reboot my MediaBridge from CommandCenterHD?

CCHD allows Admins to reboot your MediaBridge via the Configuration section. (This command can only be sent if the MediaBridge is online) To access the configuration page and reboot the MediaBridge, follow these steps below: 1. Go to your CommandCenterHD dashboard 2. Hover over the wrench in the top orange bar and select Configuration 3. Click on Zone Name that you would like to reboot.

  1. Click on Zone Name that you would like to reboot.

  2. 4. Click on the “Reboot MediaBridge” Button. This will send a command for the MediaBridge to reboot. It will take approx.. 2-3 minutes for the MediaBridge to come back online.

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