What is port 26 used for?

Port 26 is a relay port that communicates data up to CCHD and allows CCHD to send commands down to the MediaBridge.

26 is a TCP port that is open outbound to CCHD. If port 26 is disabled you can not monitor the status, restart or reset your media players from within CCHD. Alerts will not work. Video on Demand and Campaigns on Demand will not work.

What is MediaBridge and what does it do?

The MediaBridge is a purpose-built relay appliance developed specifically for Industry Weapon’s CommandCenterHD (CCHD) Platform. The MediaBridge is the bridge between CCHD and the Digital Media Players (DMP’s) that are attached to your displays. It is a single secure outbound connection on your network. The MediaBridge comes in 3 different flavors including virtual (VMWare or Hyper-V based), rack mount server, or a combo media player/media bridge.

What responsibilities do I have in patching and maintenance of the MediaBridge?

None, patches, and maintenance are managed through the MediaBridge update process periodically made available by Industry Weapon. The MediaBridge checks for updates daily.

How are security vulnerabilities addressed?

The MediaBridge updates are issued outside of our quarterly schedule if deemed necessary. Periodic updates are issued quarterly.

What does the “Log” within the MediaBridge Admin panel tell me?

The log shows the opening connection between the MediaBridge and CCHD, a sync between the two appliances, and the sync of each of the media players controlled by the relay appliance. It also displays errors when connecting to CCHD or attempting to synchronize with the media players.

Can the VM MediaBridge be deployed as a Host VM?

The MediaBridge needs to be deployed within a Host VM as it is installed as a guest VM.

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