Pins, pins, pins!

Did you know that you can simply replace media items and text fields without going “into” the campaign? Pins is a feature in CommandCenterHD that allows you to create a shortcut to any text box, image or video content, right from your dashboard. So instead of clicking into Campaigns just to update a textbox, your most replaced/edited assets are right there on the dashboard. Take a look at our Pins and Project to learn more.

Keep the Old

You can ‘Activate’ and ‘De-Activate’ slides to keep content up to date. Inactive slides will remain in the Campaign but will not display on your screens. Remember, scheduling a Campaign is completed within the ChannelsHD level. Another way to maintain a consistent looking Campaign is to duplicate a slide and replace the media assets or text of the copied slides.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Use your knowledge of common applications, like PowerPoint, to create content to upload into CommandCenterHD. You can always add media assets like dynamic text, RSS feeds, weather/date/time widgets, and static text over these uploads. Review our article on the PowerPoint Publisher to learn how to convert your PowerPoint files into Campaigns.

What’s in a Name?

No matter what you are naming in the system (Media Assets, Templates, Campaigns, or Channels) choose names that make sense. Ask yourself – ‘If someone had to cover for me would they know what to manage or change?’ ‘Will I and other users in the system be able to identify this quickly?’ Establishing location and department names for Channels and even Campaigns help to alleviate confusion. Image and Video names should clearly communicate what they are without a user even having to look at them first.

Run It When You Want It!

You can set the start and end date of the campaign’s availability, the day(s) of the week(s) the campaign is available and/or specific times of day the campaign is to be in rotation with advanced scheduling. Otherwise, ChannelsHD will default to the “All Play” schedule setting where campaigns play until they are manually removed. For details on scheduling take a look at our Advanced Scheduling article. 

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