My Profile allows you to personalize your CommandCenterHD experience by selecting your view preferences and adding details about your role within CommandCenterHD, your occupation, and personal interests.

User Information

In the User Information tab you can update your first name, last name, and password. Account specific password requirements will be found under the password fields and to the right you’ll see tips on creating a strong password. As you type your password the system will let alert you to the grade of password you’re creating.

User Information

User Settings

User settings will allow you to change your default settings within CommandCenterHD.

Default Group: User groups allow users to break up content within CommandCenterHD. If you’re part of multiple groups you can change your default group here. Your default group will the group owner of any content you upload or create.
View Mode: This will allow you to change the scale of CommandCenterHD. Using a lower resolution monitor? Choose 1366×768
Default List Filter: Choose your default list filter within Media, Templates, Campaigns, Channels, and More. Your default filter is My Items change to All Items to see all content that is shared with you.
Default List Folder view: Set this to open if you want to see folders within Templates, Campaigns, and Channels any time you log in.
Default List Size: The default length of items you’ll see in a list within MediaHD and more.
Default Sort Options: Set the default sort option of items in CommandCenterHD. Options are Last Modified Date, Name, and Date Created
Default Campaigns in Channels Sort: Choose Alphabetical or Last Modified for the order of campaigns in a channel.
Default Campaigns in Project Sort: Choose Last Modified, Name, and Date Created when viewing the projects within the projects dashboard.
Default Dashboard View: Choose Default, Projects, or Basic Fundamentals depending on which features you use most often.
System Diagnostics Position: If you’re an admin you’ll have this option. Prefer System Diagnostics to be at the top of your dashboard? Change the setting to Top.

User Settings


In this tab, you’ll include your location information, role, and phone number. This info is available to members of your organization and Industry Weapon. Setting a phone number here will make it easier for our team to reach out to you if there is an issue or concern.

Data and API’s

Some of our apps require authentication to connect to your data. Linkedin (found in our Social Media Suite app) and Salesforce Charts are examples of apps that require authentication. If you do not have these apps in your account you will not see these fields under Data and API’s.

You can see each application and if the access token is good or not. If it is bad it will be highlighted in the color red. Bad tokens mean that the app is unable to pull update information from the application. Reauthenticate in the app to update your access token.

Data and API's

About You

Use this section to upload a photo and update details on your interests, expertise and general information about you. Your team members can access this information to aid in collaboration.

About You

Save User Profile

Remember to always select Save User Profile whenever any updates are made!


Feel free to reach out to our training team at 877-344-8450 EXT 5 or at

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