Keep it Moving

One of the most effective means to get your message across is to implement motion in your content. Studies have shown that motion on slides doubles dwell time and improves concept recognition. Simply put if it is moving, your eyes will look at it longer.

But wait a second โ€“ what does that mean for you? And more importantly, how do I add motion to signs without investing in video editing software.

PowerPoint or Keynote

PowerPoint and Apple Keynote have motion graphics capabilities built into the software. You can add transitions and animate type directly form these applications. You are happy with the motion, export it as a video (MP4 format) and upload that video to CommandCenterHD for use in a slide.

PowerPoint or Keynote are great ways to add motion to digital signage without a ton of technical expertise.

Use Video

Adding video to the screen either with live TV or your own videos/commercials will help draw the eye to the screens. Placing key messaging to the sides of the video content will get your message across.

Important! Keep in mind with this technique that the eye is typically going to be focusing on the motion and not your sidebar messaging. Make sure that your sidebar messaging is clearly visible, to the point and uses larger type. This will ensure that the messaging stands a chance to be seen.

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