I forgot, misplaced or mistyped my password for my Hardware MediaBridge. How do I reset it?

Connect a monitor and keyboard to the relay server. Once booted, enter “resetpassword” in the field to reset the password to “default”. Then follow the steps under “Reset Your Password”  per the initial configuration:

  1. After you have configured your account settings, reset the default system password by clicking on the “Reset Password” link.

  2. Assign the password of your choice. Must be at least six characters long and alphanumeric (no special characters or spaces).

  3. Be sure to write the password down or copy to a password protected spreadsheet for easy access.

  4. Click the “Save” button.

I misconfigured my hardware MediaBridge IP. How can I tell what IP my relay server is currently set to?

Connect a monitor to the MediaBridge and the bootup screen will display the IP currently assigned to it. If required, you can reset the IP of the console by connecting a monitor and keyboard to the relay appliance. After booting up the machine, type “resetip”. Doing so will reset the IP configurations to default. Then follow this article to reconfigure your IP.

My Virtual MediaBridge has registered with CommandCenterHD but the IP was not included – what do I do?

In most circumstances, your CCHD account has not been authorized for a VMware based MediaBridge. Please contact Industry Weapon to have your account updated.

My Hardware MediaBridge will not boot up, what should I do?

Check the power cord on the back of the MediaBridge, make sure it is firmly connected. Also, be sure to check the power supply connection (wall outlet or power strip).

I do not have an ID or Zone associated with my CommandCenterHD (CCHD) account and I am being prompted to enter it in the MediaBridge setup screens, what should I do?

You determine the Zones ID for your MediaBridge when you configure your CCHD account. If you haven’t set those up already, please do so now. Once those configurations are in place, go back to the relay server admin screens and enter the info per your CCHD settings.

From the CommandCenterHD Dashboard hover over the wrench in the top orange bar and select Configuration in the drop down. Create your new MediaBridge Zone by selecting Add Zone.

How many media players can a MediaBridge support?

Typically, each MediaBridge can support up to 75 media players.

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