I uploaded an image to MediaHD but it is not available while editing my slides and/or templates. Why?

Make sure that your image is set to active within MediaHD. Click on the image name or thumbnail icon in MediaHD and in the lower righthand corner of the edit window will have a circle. Make sure that the circle is green, if it is red you can click on the circle to make it green and then select Save Image.

If your image is not showing up in TemplatesHD make sure the image is tagged as a background. From the edit window in MediaHD click on the icon that is a square on top of a cube. If it is greyed out it is not tagged as a background and will not show up as an option in TemplatesHD.

I uploaded a video in MediaHD, but the video does not show up in CampaignsHD. Why?

Videos go through a processing procedure when they are uploaded to CCHD.  The video processing can take a couple of minutes to complete depending on the size of the video. A rule of thumb is that it will take twice the length of a video for it to process. IE: a 15-second video will take about 30 seconds to process.

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