If all settings in CCHD are properly set for the iPad and proper content has been designed and located into a Channel for download, the procedure of loading the iPad can take from as little as a few minutes to several hours, depending on the amount, kind and size of the content. If you have a reliable Internet connection, the download should not be interrupted. You may experience some of the following issues with your iPad and using the IWPlayer App.

My iPad won’t turn on!

If your iPad won’t turn on, make sure it is charged or is plugged into its power source. Press the “Home” button at the bottom of the screen, if the iPad is on, the screen should light up and let you swipe the “Lock Switch at the bottom of the screen. If the screen does not light up, press the “Home” button for a few seconds and a battery charge symbol should appear in the middle of the screen indicating charge level and if the iPad is charging. If a green battery symbol appears, you should be able to turn on the iPad. Press and hold the sleep/wake switch in the upper right corner on the backside of the iPad. Hold the sleep/wake switch until you see the Apple logo in the middle of the screen and then let go. If the Apple logo does not appear, a forced restart may be required. Proceed with caution as performing this step incorrectly could wipe all content and programs from the iPad. Press and hold both the “Sleep/Wake” switch and the “Home” button at the same time. You must be able to hold both buttons down at the same time and keep them held down until you see the Apple logo in the middle of the screen. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons at the same time, the iPad should be starting.

The “Status” section shows an error.

While configuring and downloading content in the IWPlayer App, if an error message appears in the “Status” section, a number of things could be wrong. If the error occurs immediately before any files start to download, you should check the following settings:

  1. Make sure you have a WiFi connection that is working. If your WiFi connection is not configured or turned on, IWPlayer will return an error message as illustrated below.

  2. You can check your WiFi connection by opening the Safari web browser and making sure you can surf the net. If you cannot surf the net, check that WiFi is turned on and you’re connected to the appropriate network. Check with your IT staff on the proper settings.

  3. Check all settings in the sections Set Device#, Set Account, Set PIN and Caching. Make sure these settings match what has been set up in the “Devices” section of CCHD and the “Configuration” section of CCHD. Missing information will produce an error as illustrated in Figure 28 below. Incorrect information will produce and error as illustrated in Figure 29 below.

  4. If an error occurs during the download process, you may have an un-reliable WiFi connection. If possible, try another WiFi connection or check with your IT department to verify your WiFi settings.

  5. Check with your staff and make sure that the content is not being revised as you attempt to download it to the iPad. Content being updated, added or deleted can produce an error as illustrated in Figure 30 below.

  6. Start the download again by tapping the “Reset Folders” field and then tap the “Start Background Service” field to re-initiate that download.

  7. If you continue to receive errors during the download process, check with your IT department.

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