What Network Changes are Required?
Our platform consists of two elements: a cloud-based application server called CommandCenterHD, and an edge-based content caching distribution appliance called the MediaBridge.

In most cases, the MediaBridge makes outbound communications over TCP/IP port 443 to the application server. From there it is able to regularly download your digital signage content schedules and network health reports.

Outbound TCP/IP port 26 is an encrypted maintenance port that allows us to effectively support our customers, as well as deliver high end functionality- like content triggers.

Server Range IP Address

The Spectrio CommandCenterHD address space currently includes the following IP addresses:

Network Diagrams
Choose the Network Topology Based on Your Media Player Type:

What About Security?
Our entire organization is SOC 2 audited. Contact your account manager to learn more.


Reach out to your Account Manager for more details at 877-344-8450 or at AccountTeam@industryweapon.com

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