Spectrio's Industry Weapon Web Services (often abbreviated as IWWS) is a web service that is managed solely by Industry Weapon.

IWWS is designed to host MediaBridges and AppBridges for digital signage installations that cannot deploy a centralized relay server on their own network. IWWS also comes at a flat, annual fee, after the initial purchase of a MediaBridge license, in comparison to most web service providers who charge based on usage, which tend to add up over time.

IWWS features include added security measures, removal of unnecessary background services that are used only for remote connections, and constant monitoring from the Industry Weapon team for consistent performance.

A MediaBridge utilizing Industry Weapon Web Services can support up to 100 devices, but are best utilized with deployments that have multiple locations with one or two devices per location.

Network Changes

IWWS address space currently includes the following IP addresses:

Reach out to your Account Manager for more details at 877-344-8450 or at AccountTeam@industryweapon.com

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