The counter App allows you to count up or down to a specific event or date. 

Opens Apps and find the app “Counter App”

  1. Click “Add Counter” to create a Counter

  2. Name the Counter to find later

  3. Choose Count Down or Count Up and select date

  4. If your account utilizes a MediaBridge select MediaBridge, if not, please select CommandCenterHD

  5. Select your Time Zone

  6. Customize the counter to your liking, by choosing the font type, style, and color

  7. If you want to have a message appear before, during, and after event/date customize the fields. 

  8. Save the Counter

  9. It will take 10 - 15 minutes to generate a preview and be created in your account.

Adding a Counter to your Campaign

  1. After 10 - 15 minutes have passed, open CampaignsHD and select the campaign you would like to add this Counter Asset to.

  2. Just like adding an image to your campaign, click on Media at the bottom left

  3. Click on Remote Images

  4. Find your Counter Module and drag it into the campaign

  1. Make the content active and save your campaign. 

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