Intro to HTML in MediaHD

This article will teach you how to upload and edit an HTML in MediaHD. The HTML tool provides CommandCenterHD (CCHD) users the ability to cache and/or upload HTML files.

NOTE: This tool requires an additional purchase to enable on your CommandCenterHD account, please reach out to your Industry Weapon Account Manager for details.

Many images on the web are copyrighted to their specific author. Be sure to obtain permission to use any images on external websites that are not your own.

Adding HTML to MediaHD

1. While in MediaHD, select the tab for HTML.

2. Click the Add Media button. This will open the Add HTML window, with the following fields:

  • Name - Set the name of the HTML in MediaHD

  • Source - Choose either URL or File to indicate the referenced source for the HTML asset.

  • URL/HTML File - Enter the URL or upload a File for your HTML asset.

  • Active/Deactivate - If this box is checked, that means the asset will be available for use in CCHD. If not, it can not be used in playback.

  • Description - A note field to add information for the HTML.

  • Advanced Settings - Add this to any of your CommandCenterHD groups or add a custom tag to better search this asset.

NOTE: Here is some information to help when choosing an HTML Source:

  • URL -  Display a live embedded website using its web address. The URL entered must be public so that the devices can access the content. If a URL is private or password protected, the players will not be able to playback that page’s content.

  • File -  Upload local HTML files directly into CCHD. Files need to be single page HTML documents that contain all necessary scripts to run as a standalone page.

3. Then, click the Save HTML button.

Additional Options for HTML

Editing/Replacing HTML in MediaHD

To edit an HTML, you can either click on the thumbnail, name, or Notepad Icon. Below is an example of the Edit window that will populate.

Here are the fields and settings that are available for editing:

  • Name - Set the name of the HTML in MediaHD

  • Source - URL or File, based on the initial creation of the asset.

  • URL/HTML File - If you would like to replace your asset, you can enter a new URL or upload a new File for your HTML.

  • Description - A note field to add information for the HTML.

  • Preview - A larger thumbnail of the Image asset.

  • Additional Tools - The buttons located below the Preview give additional editing options, as well as aesthetic settings. The options are listed from left to right:

  1. Connections - Shows a list of Templates and Campaigns that host the HTML

  2. Tags

  3. Add Dependencies

  4. Activate/Deactivate

Editing HTML Permissions

The Padlock Icon next to your MediaHD asset gives you the ability to set Permissions based on rules set by an Owner or Administrator. The Permissions for CommandCenterHD Assets or Objects article will give you more information on the different options.

Deleting an HTML

The Red X gives you the option to remove the asset from your Media Library.

NOTE: If your Media is currently linked to a Template, Campaign, or other section utilizing the asset, you will not be able to delete it until it is removed from the corresponding links.

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