Intro to Videos in MediaHD

This article will teach you how to upload and edit a Video into MediaHD. CommandCenterHD (CCHD) allows for a multitude of file types when it comes to uploading an Video; the most popular options are MP4 and MPEG, but you can follow the link below to review the list of supported file types.

Click here for a list of supported file types

The CCHD system automatically converts your video file into two formats: The first is a low-resolution preview that can be viewed in your browser through the CCHD interface; the second is a device-friendly MPEG that is distributed to the player.

NOTE: All videos uploaded need to be at least six seconds in length, and must be under 10 GB in size.

Adding Videos to MediaHD

1. While in MediaHD, select the tab for Videos.

2. Click the Add Media button. In the new window, click the Choose File button to open the file explorer to choose a file or files from your computer to upload. You can either hit the Open button in the file explorer window, or drag and drop the file(s) into the Choose File window.

NOTE: There is no limit to the amount of files you can upload at a time, but the more files will cause slower upload times. Also, keep in mind that there is a 10 GB cap to all Media files uploaded into CCHD.

3. After selecting your Media file(s), the window will display your file(s) with the following optional settings:

  • File Name - Clicking on the name of the file allows you to edit the name for the asset in CCHD.

  • Video Quality - Select the video quality you would like to output on your device. A higher setting will require more time to upload and process the file.

  • Activate/Deactivate - You can choose to have this file available for playback on your signage (Green) or to deactivate it for now (Red), the file will still upload into your MediaHD and can be reactivated.

  • Video Orientation - Select the orientation for your video file based on the Campaign Format you will add the video to: Horizontal or Vertical. Once the video has uploaded, this option CAN NOT BE CHANGED.

  • Settings - Add this video into any of your CommandCenterHD groups or add a custom tag to better search this asset.

  • Remove - To cancel this file upload, you can click on this button.

5. Once the file settings have been completed, click the Upload Media button. As the items upload, their spaces will turn green. When they are 100% uploaded, click Done.

Additional Options for Videos

Editing/Replacing Videos in MediaHD

To edit an Image, you can either click on the thumbnail, name, or Notepad Icon. Below is an example of the Edit window that will populate.

Here are the fields and settings that are available for editing:

  • Video Name - Set the name of the Video in MediaHD

  • Replace Video - You can replace the current asset with a new one from your computer by clicking on the Choose File button, and then hitting Save Video. The Video Name and Description will remain the same for the Video in MediaHD.

  • Format - Indicates the Campaign Format for the Video: Horizontal or Vertical. This option CAN NOT BE EDITED. If it needs to be changed, the video will need to be uploaded using the proper Video Orientation.

  • Description - A note field to add information for the Video.

  • Preview - A full-motion preview of the Video asset.

  • Additional Tools - The buttons located below the Preview give additional editing options, as well as aesthetic settings. The options are listed from left to right:

  1. Connections - Shows a list of Campaigns that host the Video

  2. Tags

  3. Video Quality

  4. Set Graphic - Add a Logo or Watermark to your Video for playback.

  5. Activate/Deactivate

Editing Video Permissions

The Padlock Icon next to your MediaHD asset gives you the ability to set Permissions based on rules set by an Owner or Administrator. The Permissions for CommandCenterHD Assets or Objects article will give you more information on the different options.

Deleting a Video

The Red X gives you the option to remove the asset from your Media Library.

NOTE: If your Media is currently linked to a Template, Campaign, or other section utilizing the asset, you will not be able to delete it until it is removed from the corresponding links.

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