Intro to Dynamic Content

This article will cover the different asset options within Dynamic Content in the Template Editor.

Dynamic Content are content assets that will dynamically update when their sources update. You can add to your Template assets such as a scrolling RSS Ticker and Weather, Date, and Time.

NOTE: Dynamic Content is meant to accentuate your Template and Campaign, not steal attention from your Primary Content. To prevent widgets from becoming distracting, position them near (but not on) the perimeter of the Template, avoiding the center as much as possible.

Dynamic Content

Weather, Date and Time

Weather, Date, and Time allows you to add trusted sources of information up on the screen that is relevant to all people. Doing so will instinctively build habits to get eyes on the screen more often.

NOTE: The information for the widgets in CommandCenterHD (CCHD) show Pittsburgh weather, date and time, as these are meant to be placeholders during content creation. Configuring your device(s) with the appropriate Location and Time Zone will bring in the proper information in playback.

Dynamic Text

Dynamic Text allows you to add your own scripted Scrolling Text, or choose from an active RSS Feed online. You can find readily made RSS feeds by searching online news syndicates and finding the feed you’d like to use. Once you have the URL, you’ll copy and paste it into the Dynamic Text field.

NOTE: Using an RSS Feed will continually pull in information, but Scrolling Text will need to be long enough for the message to scroll. So keep that in mind when entering your text or choosing the Type for the ticker.


Images allows you to add an individual image to the Template. When choosing an Image, it is important to remember that Template assets are meant to underline the key points of the Campaign, not take away from or replace your Primary Content.

As an example, it's best to use your Logo as your Image; it will never be your main asset, but can add depth as a piece of Secondary Content.

Live Video

Live Video allows you to choose a Multicast Stream you have added to your account, using the Live Video App. To utilize Live Video, you will need an Encoder to translate the video feed across the network to the device(s). 

If you would like to utilize Live Video, and not sure if your account does yet or not, talk with your Account Manager for more information on the Live Video App by calling 877-344-8450 ext. 2.

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