Intro to Duplicating a Template

This article will teach you how to Duplicate a Template in TemplatesHD. In situations when you would like to use an existing Template to base your new Template designs off of, you can easily make a copy of the existing Template. This is a favored technique for most users, as it avoids the burden of starting from scratch when creating the new Template.

Duplicating an Existing Template

1. On the Template Manager page, navigate to the Template you would like to copy from for your new Template. To the left of the Template Name, click the Checkbox.

When the box is checked, three buttons will populate next to the Filter/Sort/View options towards the top of the Template List.

  • Delete Template - Remove the Template from your CommandCenterHD account. NOTE: A Template cannot be deleted if it is currently being used by an existing Campaign. To delete, you will need to change the Template for those Campaigns, or remove the Campaigns from CommandCenterHD.

  • Duplicate Template - Creates a copy of the chosen Template. NOTE: You can online duplicate one Template at a time.

  • Add Template to Folder - Adds the Template to a Folder in TemplatesHD.

2. Click on the Duplicate Template button.

At this point, a new Template will show at the top of the Template List.

The name given to the copied Template will be the name of the existing Template that it was copied from with "(Copy)" added at the end.

To change the Template Name, click on the Edit button for the Template. Once in the Template Editor you can edit the Template Name in the field listed at the top, right above Template Aesthetics.

When finished, click the Save Template button to save your changes.

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