Intro to Dynamic Text

Dynamic Text allows you to add your own scripted Scrolling Text, or choose from an active, public RSS Feed online. You can find readily made RSS feeds by searching online news syndicates and finding the feed you’d like to use. Once you have the URL, you’ll copy and paste it into the Dynamic Text field.

RSS Feed

Finding an RSS Feed

An RSS Feed can usually be found through a quick online search of your favorite news syndicates. In your search, enter the news option you'd prefer and add rss to the end. Each will have it's own generated URLs, or allow you to generate one based on preferred formatting.

Below are the most common options:

CNN and Fox News - Copy any of the URLs listed on the page, based on the stories you'd like to see most.
Reuters - Copy the URL to the right of the RSS Feed text for the option you'd like to use.
NPR - Generate your own RSS Feed by entering an NPR URL into the field, and click the Generate button. NOTE: You will need to create a free account on and it will give you the ability to create your own feed URL. 

Scrolling Text

Personalized Scrolling Messages

Scrolling Text allows you to write your own message within your Dynamic Text asset. When it comes to creating your own Scrolling Text, the recommendation is to write a message at least 300 characters in length; this allows the message to scroll across the screen appropriately. If you happen to have a message that does not meet the minimum characters, just copy and paste the message until you hit the length needed.

Adding Dynamic Text

1. In the Dynamic Content section, click the Active box next to the Dynamic Text section header.

2. Choose either the Use RSS or Use Scrolling Text option for your text.

If you choose Use RSS, paste the URL of your public RSS Feed into the field.

If you choose Use Scrolling Text, enter in your own personalized text.

3. Then, click Save Template and the ticker will appear in the top left portion of the preview screen.

Moving the Dynamic Text

To move the asset, click and drag it to the desired location. 

Sizing the Dynamic Text

To change the dimensions of the asset, drag out, or in, the arrow from the bottom right corner of the asset.

Formatting Options

To change the formatting, double-click on the asset to view the Format Window

Within the Format Window, you'll see the options below for the asset:

  • Position - Manually set the X and Y Coordinates for the asset, if you would prefer to not set the position by dragging it.

  • Dimensions - Manually adjust the size of the ticker box. You can also change the dimensions by dragging out the arrow at the bottom right corner of the asset box.

  • Text Color - Adjust the color of the text by changing the RBG Hex Code or choose from the options available in the Color Palette.

  • Background Color - Choose a background color to contrast the text color of your ticker.

  • Text Size - Adjust the size of the text for the asset.

  • Speed - Choose how fast you'd like the text to scroll, 1 = Slowest and 5 = Fastest.

  • Type - Scrolling Ticker or Tele Ticker. The Scrolling Ticker allows the text to move smoothly across the screen, while the Tele Ticker looks like the text is being quickly typed out, letter by letter.

When you are satisfied with the look and positioning of your asset, click Apply and then Close at the bottom of the Format Window. 

Click Save Template to confirm your changes.

Removing Dynamic Text

To remove an asset from the Template, uncheck the Active box next to the Dynamic Text section header in the Dynamic Content section; then click Save Template to save the changes.

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