Intro to Live Video

Live Video allows you to choose a Multicast Stream you have added to your account, using the Live Video App. To utilize Live Video, you will need an Encoder to translate the video feed across the network to the device(s). 

If you would like to utilize Live Video, and not sure if your account does yet or not, talk with your Account Manager for more information on the Live Video App by calling 877-344-8450 ext. 2.

Adding Live Video

1. In the Dynamic Content section, click the Active box next to the Live Video section header.

2. Using the Select Channel dropdown, choose the Live Video Feed you'd like to use. The options listed in the dropdown field are configured in the Live Video App.

3. Next, choose the Aspect Ratio for your feed, 16:9 or 4:3. If you aren't sure of the Aspect Ratio, it's best to select 16:9, which is the most common option.

4. Then, click Save Template and the Live Video Feed will appear in the middle of the preview screen.

NOTE: The Live Video Feed will populate as a placeholder asset. You will not be able to preview the feed through CommandCenterHD (CCHD), so the asset is meant to be used for visual purposes to place it and size it to the area you'd like to cover on the Template.

Moving the Live Video Asset

To move the asset, click and drag it to the desired location. 

Sizing the Live Video Asset

To change the dimensions of the asset, drag out, or in, the arrow from the bottom right corner of the asset.

If you would like to change the dimensions, you can hold down the Shift key while scaling to customize the size to your liking.

Formatting Options

To change the formatting, double-click on the asset to view the Format Window

Within the Format Window, you'll see the options below for the asset:

  • Make Video Full Screen - Check this box if you'd like to make the Live Video Feed cover the full resolution of the Template.

  • Position - Manually set the X and Y Coordinates for the asset, if you would prefer to not set the position by dragging it.

  • Dimensions - Manually adjust the size of the asset. You can also change the dimensions by dragging out the arrow at the bottom right corner of the asset box.

When you are satisfied with the look and positioning of your asset, click Close at the bottom right corner of the Format Window. 

5. Click Save Template to confirm your changes.

Removing Live Video

To remove an asset from the Template, uncheck the Active box next to the Live Video section header in the Dynamic Content section; then click Save Template to save the changes.

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