Intro to Media in the Campaign Slide Editor

In this article, we'll review Adding and Editing Media assets in a Campaign. 

Media allows you to add an Image, Video, HTML, or Remote Image from your MediaHD library to the Slide within a Campaign. 

Adding Media to a Slide

1. On the Toolbar at the bottom of the page, click Media to access the assets hosted in MediaHD.

2. At the top of the window, choose the section based on the asset you'd like to add to the Slide: Images, Remote Images, Video, or HTML

NOTE: Flash may be an available option for some users. This option is deprecated, and will not be supported if issues arise with an asset in this section.

3. Click, hold, and drag the asset from Media and onto the slide.

Moving the Media Asset

To move the asset, click and drag it to the desired location. 

Sizing the Media Asset

To change the dimensions of the asset, drag out, or in, the arrow from the bottom right corner of the asset.

If you would like to change the dimensions, you can hold down the Shift key while scaling to customize the size to your liking.

Formatting Options

To change the formatting, double-click on the asset to view the Format Window

Within the Format Window, you'll see the options below for the asset:

  • Name - Name of the Media asset.

  • Media Ref - Reference number for the Media asset in CommandCenterHD (CCHD).

  • Pin Item - Choose an existing Project or create a New Project to associate the asset with, using Pins and Projects.

  • Pin Label - Name for the Pin in the associated Project, using Pins and Projects.

  • Fullscreen - Check this box to make the Media asset the full resolution of the Slide.

  • Crop (Image ONLY) - Trim the edges of the Image

  • Position - Manually set the X and Y Coordinates for the asset on the Slide.

  • Dimensions - Manually adjust the width and height of the asset. 

  • Flip Image (Image ONLY) - Flip the Image Horizontally or Vertically.

  • Rotate (Image ONLY) - Rotate the Image 90 degrees clockwise, 90 degrees counterclockwise, or 180 degrees.

  • Blur (Image ONLY) - Add a blurring effect to the Image, on a scale from 0 (no blur) to 20 (full blur).

  • Opacity (Image and Video ONLY) - Add a static fading effect to the Image or Video, on a scale from 100 (no effect) to 0 (no visible asset).

  • Shadow (Image ONLY) - Add a shadow effect, on a scale from 0 (no shadow) to 100 (full shadow), choose a shadow color, and where you want the shadow to be positioned in relation to the image.

  • Border (Image ONLY) - Add a monochromatic border around the edges of the Image, on a scale from 0 (no border) to 50 (full border).

When you are satisfied with the look and positioning of your asset, click Apply at the bottom of the Format Window. 

4. Click Save on the Toolbar to confirm your changes.

Replacing a Media Asset

To quickly replace an Image, Video, or Remote Image, double-click the asset to view the Format Window. In the top right corner of the window, click the Replace Media button.

The Media section in the Toolbar at the bottom will open. Click, hold, and drag the asset onto the slide, and drop it anywhere. The new Media asset will then take the exact Position and Dimensions as the previous asset.

Then, click the Apply button in the Format Window.

Removing a Media Asset

To remove an asset from the Campaign Slide, double-click the asset to view the Format Window. In the top right corner of the window, click the Remove button.

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