Intro to Creating a Campaign

In this article we will review how to Create a Campaign in CampaignsHD

A Campaign is the Slide Editor within CommandCenterHD (CCHD), and is really the main section that designers will utilize to create the compelling content that will then be scheduled in ChannelsHD.  The orientation and resolution set for the Template you'll choose for your Campaign should match that of the monitor's.

Also, keep in mind that the assets added to a Campaign should be your primary pieces of content. They should provide a brief and concise message that is clear to any audience engaging with the screens.

Creating a New Campaign

1. On the Campaign Manager page, click the Add Campaign button.

2. In the Campaign window, fill out or select the best options for your Campaign:

  • Campaign Name - Give the Campaign a unique name that is easily recognizable to users who will need access to it in CampaignsHD and ChannelsHD.

  • Campaign Format - Choose a format that matches the orientation of your digital signage monitor: Horizontal or Vertical.

  • Select Template - Choose a Template, based on the Campaign Format chosen.

  • Advanced Settings - Click on the link to toggle the additional settings for the Campaign.

  1. Add Tags - Add keywords, separated by commas, that help to optimize the search functionality for the object.

  2. Slide Limit - Set the maximum number of slides allowed in the Campaign. For easier Campaign management, it's best to keep Campaigns under 10 slides; this helps content sync faster, as well.

  3. Default Slide Length - Set the default Duration for the slides created in the Campaign. NOTE: The Duration can still be changed for each individual slide within its Slide Settings.

3. Once the information is set and confirmed correct, you can choose either of the Save options at the bottom of the window to continue:

  • Save Campaign - Creates the Campaign and navigates back to the Campaign Manager page with the Campaign List.

  • Save Campaign and Edit Slides - Creates the Campaign and navigates to the Slide Editor page.

Editing a Campaign

Once you have created a Campaign, and have accessed the Slide Editor, you'll be able to assemble and modify the assets to establish your main messages.

Media allows you to add an Image, Video, HTML, or Remote Image from your MediaHD library to the Slide within a Campaign. 

Text Boxes allow you to add written messages to a Slide in your Campaign.

Slide Settings allow you to Activate and Deactivate a Slide, Name the Slide, set the Duration, and more based on Configuration.

Add a Blank Slide or Duplicate a Current Slide to create a new slide for your Campaign.

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