Intro to Text Boxes in the Campaign Slide Editor

In this article, we will review Adding and Editing Text Boxes in a Campaign Slide.

Text Boxes allow you to add written messages to a Slide in your Campaign. Whether the text is the Primary Content, or if it is an accompanying caption for a piece of Media, adding a text asset is one of the main functions you'll use on a daily basis when it comes to creating or editing content and messaging.

Adding a Text Box to a Slide

1. On the Toolbar at the bottom of the page, click Text.

2. Choose from the options available:

  • Add Simple Text Box - The default option in most accounts. Allows the user to pick Font, Color, Text Size, and Alignment. Up to 10 Simple Text Boxes can be added to a Slide.

  • Add Advanced Text Box - Gives the user a few more options on top of those available with a Simple Text Box: Format (Bold, Italics, Underline), Line Height, and Shadow. Up to two Advanced Text Boxes can be added to a Slide.

NOTE: If you don't see Advanced Text Box as an option, and would like to add it to your account, reach out to your Account Manager at 877-344-8450 ext. 2 to activate it.

3. The Text Box will populate in the top left corner of the Slide.

Moving the Text Box

To move the Text Box, click and drag it to the desired location. 

Formatting Options

To change the formatting, double-click on the Text Box to view the Format Window

Within the Format Window, you'll see the options below for the Text Box:

  • Font - Choose the font for the text.

  • Color - Choose the color of the text.

  • Size - Choose the size of the text.

  • Alignment - Choose the alignment of the text within the box: Left, Center, or Right.

  • Pin Item - Choose an existing Project or create a New Project to associate the Text box with, using Pins and Projects.

  • Pin Label - Name for the Pin in the associated Project, using Pins and Projects.

  • Format (Advanced Text Box ONLY) - Choose formatting options for the text: Bold, Italic, and/or Underline.

  • Line Height (Advanced Text Box ONLY) - Choose the spacing between lines within the Text Box.

  • Shadow (Advanced Text Box ONLY) - Add a shadow to the text within the Text Box.

Sizing the Text Box

To change the dimensions of the Text Box, drag out, or in, the arrow from the bottom right corner of the Text Box.

When you are satisfied with the look and positioning of your Text Box, click Apply at the bottom of the Format Window. 

4. Click Save on the Toolbar to confirm your changes.

Duplicate a Text Box

To quickly duplicate a Text Box, double-click the box to view the Format Window. At the bottom of the window, click the Duplicate button.

NOTE: Before duplicating a Text Box, Apply any changes that you've made to the text. Duplicate copies from the last saved settings of the Text Box, so any changes made that are not applied will be lost.

Removing a Text Box

To remove a Text Box from the Campaign Slide, double-click the box to view the Format Window. In the top right corner of the window, click the Remove button.

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