Remote Player Configuration


  • CommandCenterHD Version 19.01.011+

  • MediaBridge v2019.1.012+

  • Industry Weapon Remote Player Licensing for at least one remote player

  • A Channel in CommandCenterHD with Campaigns ready for Playback.

  • Admin access to your Microsoft Teams account to add the remote player. You may need to consult with your organization to let them know what you intend

  • Industry Weapon Web Services (IWWS) MediaBridge or local network (VMWare, HyperV) MediaBridge Configuration

How it Works

The Work Remote Platform uses a playback engine called Remote Player. Remote Player is a basic web page designed to be embedded in Microsoft Teams.

Upload Custom App/Remote Player to Microsoft Teams v1.1.0

Setup Policies in Teams Admin Site

1. Go to and log in

2. Navigate to Team Apps > Setup policies

3. Under the “Global” section, enable “Upload custom apps” and click Save

4. Admin settings for apps (reference):

Upload Custom App to Teams and Setup Remote Player

5. Go to and log in

6. Click Apps in the lower left corner

7. On the Apps page, click “Upload a custom app” located at the bottom left

8. Upload the Industry Weapon Remote Player Teams app:


9. Click “Add to a team”

10. Choose your team or channel name.

Setting Up Your Player

1. From your CommandCenterHD Dashboard navigate to the “Management” icon and select “Devices” from the drop down menu.

2. Click the + sign next to the “REMOTE PLAYERS” tab

3. Enter a name for your Player. Choose a name that correlates with how you plan on using the communication tool.

4. Choose the Microsoft Teams Type option and enter your Teams Tenant ID, that you copied during the previous pages instructions

5. Click the Active checkbox

6. Select the desired playback channel from the “Available Channels” dropdown menu

7. Select the Zone (MediaBridge)

NOTE: If you only want the content to be accessible to users who are logged into the office network (VPN or Local), select a locally installed MediaBridge zone from the drop down

If you want the content to be available outside of your network, an Industry Weapon Web Services (IWWS) server can be created for you by your Industry Weapon account rep. If you have an IWWS server already created, it should show up in this drop down menu available to select.

8. Select a Playback Mode:

Auto: Allows the content to run automatically, similar to digital signage playback. There will be arrow navigation also available to allow the viewer to manually navigate between slides

Click: Requires the user to use arrow navigation to navigate between slides

9. Choose a Slide Transition - there are various options to choose from

10. Choose a Slide Duration

This feature only works in Auto Playback mode. It allows you to choose a slide duration that over rides the duration set in CampaignsHD OR select to maintain the duration set in CampaignsHD

11. Next, Click the Location Tab

This option allows you to set the “location” of the remote player. The location you set would dictate what weather information shows up on the Remote Player. Time is not supported for output on Remote Player at this time.

Organizations who are using Work Remote to communicate with a widespread audience over a variety of locations and time zones may opt to avoid displaying weather and time on their screens.

12. Finally, click Save Remote Player

13. Once embedded, the content will play back on your Microsoft Teams Remote Player tab.

Technical Notes:

Remote Players can be any size from 1920x1920 down. Theseare 900x506.

By design, videos do not autoplay. A viewer will need to click a “play” icon to begin playback of video content

Users have the ability to tell Work Remote skip over a slide by selecting “Do Not Use for Remote Player” under slide settings within CampaignsHD.

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