Intro to Creating a Channel

In this article we will review how to Create a Channel in ChannelsHD.

A Channel is used to create a schedule of Campaigns and then associate it with any number of Devices in the CommandCenterHD (CCHD) account. Channels are the main tool used for scheduling content to a Device, and every Device needs a Channel connected to run properly.

Additional scheduling tools are available in CCHD Apps. Playlists let you run multiple Channels; choose a master channel to run, and other channels can be scheduled as an exception. Using the Bulk Manager App, you can create and assign Attributes to a Device or Group of Devices. Then, you can deliver Campaigns specific to each Device, based on the assigned Attribute, with the Globalcast App.

Creating a New Channel

1. On the Channel Manager page, click the Add Channel button.

2. In the Channel window, fill out or select the best options for your Channel:

  • Channel Name - Give the Campaign a unique name that is easily recognizable to users who will need access to it in CampaignsHD and ChannelsHD.

  • Format - Choose a format that matches the orientation of your digital signage monitor: Horizontal or Vertical.

  • Enable Red Core - Check the box to choose from the content options available for use in the Red Core App.

3. Once the information is set and confirmed correct, click the Save Channel button.

Editing a Channel

Once you have created a Channel, you can use the following documents to add and manage Campaigns in the Channel.

Schedule Campaigns in the Channel to create a list of content that should be in playback when the Channel is associated with a Device.

Manage Campaigns in a Channel to rearrange the order of Campaigns in the rotation, and utilize some of the other information to make sure you know what exactly is in playback in the Channel.

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