Intro to Managing Campaigns in a Channel

In this Article we will review how to Manage Campaigns in a Channel in ChannelsHD.

Once a Channel has been created and Campaigns have been added to the Channel, you can then manage the list of Campaigns to create a rotation of content that is suitable for playback.

Managing a Channel

On the Channel Manager page, click on the Manage button associated with the Channel.

Changing the Campaign Order in a Channel

To change the order of playback for the Campaigns in the list, click and drag a Campaign to the desired spot in the list.

Runtime and Slide Number

To view a Campaign's Number of Slides and the Full duration for the Slides in the Campaign, click on the button in the Runtime/Slides column associated with the Campaign:

If you would like to quickly access the information for all the Campaigns in the Channel, click the Runtime/Slide Column Header:

Preview a Campaign

To Preview all the Slides in a Campaign, click on the Preview button associated with the Campaign:

Edit the Campaign Schedule

To edit the Scheduling Options for the Campaign, click the Edit Schedule button associated with the Campaign:

Learn more about the Scheduling Options in the Schedule a Campaign in a Channel article.

Remove a Campaign from the Channel

To remove an Campaign from a Channel, click the Red X associated with the Campaign in the Remove column. Then click OK in the browser prompt, to confirm you do want to remove it from the Channel:


If you are an Administrator, you can edit the Permissions of the Campaign within the Channel by clicking on the Padlock to the left of Runtime/Slides:

Learn more about Object Permissions in the Asset and Object Permissions article.

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