Intro to AEF and Best Practices in ChannelsHD

In this article, we will review how to configure Core Content vs. Socially and Personally Relevant Content using the Audience Engagement Framework (AEF) and Digital Signage Best Practices.

In our article on AEF and Templates, we noted that establishing Color, Motion, and Multiple Assets on a Template are an important first step in preparing your communication.

Then, we discussed AEF and Campaigns, and building out your Primary Messaging in a Campaign Slide utilizing the right amount of Primary Assets and precise Duration for Time On-Screen.

Once the content has been designed, the next goal is to configure the Data distinct to your organization and combine it with information that is important and pertinent to your audience.

Core Content vs. Socially/Personally Relevant Content

So what is the difference between the two Data types?

Core Content, which can also be called In-House Content, is information that is specific to your organization. It's most likely going to be content that your team will create in CampaignsHD that promotes and projects the organization's image, voice, and culture.

Core Content can include, but is not limited to:

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Announcements

  • Events

  • Employee Spotlights

  • Feedback

Socially and Personally Relevant Content is information that is Fun and Impactful. This Data tends to be less about the organization, and reflects the interests of the audience with which you are trying to communicate with.

Socially/Personally Relevant Content can include, but is not limited to:

  • Social Media

  • Fun Facts and Lighthearted Musings

  • Daily Inspiration/Quotes

  • Educational Tips

  • Health and Wellness Tips

  • Current Events, News, and History

To truly build habits with your audience and get eyes on the screens more often and at the right times, you need a good mix of two Data types. The most successful combination of the two is 30% Core Content with 70% Socially/Personally Relevant Content.

The numbers may be shocking at first, but when you think about it, isn't the goal to orient any and all messaging to your defined audience? If you put too much content in that is not relevant to the audience, then you can fall into the trap of people not looking at the screens because they feel it doesn't relate to them.

Resources to Utilize

First, if you haven't done so already, Enroll in an AEF Content Program. A Program is already included with a license of CommandCenterHD (CCHD), and you'll work with your Account Manager to build a strategy to get you on the right path.

A Program includes full access to the Red Core App, which includes almost all of the Socially and Personally Relevant content listed above. This is Daily Curated Content that Industry Weapon manages. All you need to do is schedule it to your Channel. If you don't have a Program, or full access to Red Core, you'll have a limited amount of Weekly Curated Content that is still accessible in the system.

Social Media can integrate with the Headlines App to bring dynamically updating content to your screens based on your organization's presence online.

One piece of content that is relevant to all people is Weather. You can use the Weather widget in TemplatesHD, but you can also utilize the Weather App to create dynamic and visually appealing content with a little more customization.

In all, we've discussed establishing Color, Motion, and Secondary Assets on a Template as the initial step in preparing your communication, constructing the right amount of Primary Assets and precise Duration for Time On-Screen in Campaigns, and configuring the relevant Data in a Channel to maximize Audience Engagement.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need additional information, please contact your Account Manager at 877-344-8450 ext. 2.

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