The Resource Kiosk App is a quick way to build an interactive experience using PDFs, videos, images, and rich text boxes. You can build out a homepage with multiple categories and have a fully interactive experience through your secondary and tertiary pages.

Additionally, the Resource Kiosk App allows people interacting with the kiosk to send and share information from the kiosk to their personal email addresses when they want to take the information with them.

Perfect for:

  • Do it yourself, buildable interactive kiosk. Showcase your organization's products and services, and so much more!


  • Landscape mode

  • Portrait mode


  • CommandCenterHD Version v17.1.001

  • P-Series Player

To have the Resource Kiosk App added to your account, contact your account manager today or chat with one of our agents right now by clicking the chat icon in the right-hand corner.

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