Intro to Zones in Configuration

In this article, we will review Zones for MediaBridges and AppBridges.

A Zone is information that is used to connect a MediaBridge or AppBridge back to CommandCenterHD (CCHD). Once connected, the Zone will be used to denote which MediaBridge a Devices should reach out to for updates and upgrades.

This section allows for the creation of new Zones for MediaBridges and AppBridges within a CCHD, as well as the ability to quickly access high level information about the server(s).

Adding a Zone

1. In Zones, click the Add Zone button.

2. In the window that populates, fill out the following fields:

  • Zone Name - Give a descriptive name to allow users to identify the MediaBridge/AppBridge.

  • Zone ID - A tag used to connect the MediaBridge/AppBridge to the CCHD servers during configuration of the appliance. NOTE: The Zone ID is alphanumerical and does not allow for spaces or special characters. The ID is also case sensitive, so remember to add it to the MediaBridge/AppBridge exactly as shown in CCHD.

  • Active - When checked, the MediaBridge/AppBridge will actively communicate with the CCHD servers and any other hardware it is connected to over the network. Leaving this box unchecked puts the server into an offline mode.

  • Use External IP - Allows the MediaBridge or AppBridge to communicate through an external IP address, instead of the internal address listed for it.

3. Click Save Zone. The Zone will now add to the list of Zones for the Account, and is now available for use to connect a MediaBridge/AppBridge through Configuration.

Zone List Information

  • Zone Name

  • Zone ID

  • IP Address - Displays the last-reported IP address associated with this Zone listing

  • Bridge - Identifies the type of Bridge: MediaBridge (MB) or AppBridge (AB)

  • Device Count (MediaBridge ONLY) - Shows the number of devices associated with the Zone

Editing a Zone

Clicking the Notepad Icon associated with a Zone allows you to edit, and view, the information for the Zone:

  • Zone Name

  • Zone ID

  • Active

  • Use External IP

  • External IP - If Use External IP is checked, this field will populate the External IP address in use

  • Default Zone - When checked, the specific MediaBridge will be the default option for any new Device added into CCHD

  • Timezone - The timezone set for the MediaBridge/AppBridge during configuration

  • IP Address

  • MBRA Version - The last-reported firmware version for the MediaBridge/AppBridge

  • Location - The location set for the MediaBridge/AppBridge during configuration: Local or Remote

Once finished with changes, click Save Zone.

NOTE: Editing the information for a Zone WILL NOT automatically change the corresponding information on the MediaBridge or AppBridge. If this information is changed in CCHD, it needs to be manually updated on the Bridge in the Web Interface.

Removing a Zone

The Red X gives you the option to delete the associated Zone from the CCHD Account.

NOTE: Removing a Zone will prevent the MediaBridge, AppBridge, and any devices associated with the Zone from properly communicating with each other and CCHD. Before removing, please verify that nothing in the system is dependent on the respective Zone.

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