Intro to User Settings

In this article, we will review the User Settings section in Configuration.

User Settings allows you to set security protocol for Users with such settings as logging a User out of CommandCenterHD (CCHD) after so much time in an inactive state and establishing password strength

Login Security Settings

Lock User Out After allows a User up to so many attempts to log into the CCHD account with the correct credentials. Options include:

  • 3 Failed Login Attempts

  • 5 Failed Login Attempts

  • 10 Failed Login Attempts

If the failed attempts are exceeded, the User will not be able to login with their correct credentials until a specifically set time, based on the Login Timed Lockout field, or until the User is manually unlocked in the User section. Options range from five to 30 minutes.

The User Inactivity Logout allows a User to be inactive within CCHD, up until the specified time set in the field. Once the inactive time exceeds the time set, the user will automatically be logged out of CCHD. Options range from 15 minutes to 6 hours.

User Password Settings

Password Strength sets the required password strength that must be used by Users when they are creating a password for their account. The options range from mediocre to very strong.

Password Reset Policy determines the amount of time Users can keep a password, before the system makes them pick a new password for login. Options include:

  • Never

  • Every 60 Days

  • Every 90 Days

  • Every 6 Months

  • Every 9 Months

  • Every Year

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