Intro to CCHD Settings

In this article, we'll review the CCHD Settings section in Configuration.

CCHD Settings give an Administrator the ability to customize functionality and default options throughout CommandCenterHD (CCHD), as well as a couple features to standardize player operations like firmware upgrades and daily reboots.


In conjunction with the ApproveIT App, this section can be used to allow only specific people to approve content changes in CCHD.

If Use MediaHD ApproveIT is turned ON, ALL Media assets uploaded into MediaHD will need to be approved before they are live and active to use in the system.

If Use Slide ApproveIT is turned ON, ALL Saved Slides in CampaignsHD will need to be approved before the saves are deemed appropriate and ready for playback.

Canvas Settings

The Canvas Settings section is used to default the options used when creating a new Template in TemplatesHD.

Use Canvas Settings turns the default settings listed below ON or OFF.

Default Orientation applies the orientation value listed as the preset for all new Templates: Horizontal or Vertical.

Default Canvas Dimensions applies the resolution listed as the preset for all new Templates. The most commonly used option is 1920x1080, as that is the standard resolution for most displays.

Device Settings

Default Device Dimensions applies the resolution listed as the preset for all new devices configured in the Devices section.

HTML Previews

Allow HTML Previews gives the ability to turn previews and thumbnails for HTML assets ON or OFF in CCHD. Some HTML, when previewed in CCHD, may throw errors and cause an inadequate browser experience. If that is the case, it is better to turn OFF previews to avoid any issues.

No Transcoding

No Transcode Video gives the option to allow users to upload videos into CCHD without the system adjusting the format for optimal playback on the device. Basically, it will take your source file and upload it straight through into the system, instead of transcoding it first.

NOTE: Industry Weapon recommends that this option remains OFF. If you would like to utilize the functionality, reach out to the Industry Weapon Support team to discuss the option with our team to understand the capabilities and consequences.

Remote Video Settings (DEPRECATED)

The Remote Video Settings section, and corresponding Remote Video section in MediaHD, have been deprecated from CCHD. The functionality of these sections will not have functionality, or usability, in the system.

Reboot Settings

The Reboot Settings section is used to create a periodic device restart schedule for all the devices in CCHD. Industry Weapon recommends turning the Reboot Settings ON, as it helps to optimize the functionality of the devices. It is best to choose a time of day when your devices will have the least visibility.

Enable Device Reboots turns the reboot settings ON or OFF.

Reboot Interval defines the cadence for the reboot occurrence, either Daily or Weekly.

Reboot Time sets the specific time of day that the reboot of the devices will take place.

Slide Settings

Use Slide Activation/Deactivation gives Users access to the Activation/Deactivation

scheduling options at the Slide level, in CampaignsHD, under More Options in Slide Settings.

Default Activation Status presets new slides created to Inactive or Active for their status.

Video Transcoding Notifications

When Email Notifications, under the Video Transcoding Notifications section, is turned ON, CCHD will send an email notification to a User when their video is done processing in the system and is ready for use.

This option is useful if you tend to upload a good amount of videos and don't want to waste time waiting for it to process. You can just keep an eye on your email as you work on other things.

Player Upgrade Times

Upgrade Schedule gives the option to choose when devices' will receive their firmware upgrade after a CCHD Account Upgrade.

Automatic will upgrade the firmware on the devices during the standard timetable of the Account Upgrade.

Managed sets the Time of Day and specific Day(s) of the Week for the devices to receive and process the firmware update.

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