Intro to Advanced Tuning

In this article, we will review the Advanced Tuning section in Configuration.

Advanced Tuning controls Intervals and Timeout values for different data points of CommandCenterHD (CCHD), the MediaBridges, and Devices. In most cases, you will not need to configure this area.

Advanced Tuning

Throughout the fields listed, you can set the Interval and Timeout values, in milliseconds, based on how often the system should check for updates.

Intervals set the frequency of those checks, while Timeout determines how long the task will run before it quits and let the Interval kick back in. Below are the fields and their corresponding data:

  • LIMC - Check for Content changes

  • Weather - Check for Weather updates

  • Dynamic - Check for Dynamic Images and Campaigns updates

  • RSS - Check for RSS updates (Scrolling Text)

  • Reporting - Frequency to post Report Data

  • Touch Reporting (DEPRECATED; related to Touch Site functionality)

  • Remote Console - Frequency to post Remote Console Data

Remote Advanced Tuning

Remote Advanced Tuning are the same settings used under Advanced Tuning. However, Remote Advanced Tuning is used if you have a remote connection between the MediaBridge and Devices, whereas Advanced Tuning is better suited for local connections.

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