Intro to Two Factor Authentication

In this article, we will review Two Factor Authentication setup within the Account Settings section in Configuration and in a User's Profile Settings.

Two Factor Authentication can be used as an added security step when a User logs into their CommandCenterHD (CCHD) account. The User will receive either an Email or SMS, based on their preference, with a numerical code to verify their login.

NOTE: Two Factor Authentication needs to be authorized for use in the account, so if you do not see the option listed in Configuration > Account Settings, reach out to your Account Manager to discuss authorization.

Activating Two Factor Authorization

1. Hover over the Wrench Icon in the top right corner of CCHD, and click Configuration.

2. Navigate to Account Settings.

3. In the Two Factor Authorization section, change the dropdown option from Disabled to Enabled.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Configuration.

Configuring User Notification Preferences for Two Factor Authentication

1. Hover over the Profile Icon in the top right corner of CCHD, and click Profile.

2. Navigate to Security.

3. In the Two Factor Authentication section, edit the Code Delivery Method to the preferred delivery option:

  • Email (DEFAULT) - Sends a verification code to the Email Address associated to the User.

  • SMS - Sends a verification code, via text message, to the Phone Number listed.

To setup a Phone, enter the number into the Phone Number field, and click Verify.

The number entered will receive a text message with an Authorization Code. This code will then need to be entered into the Verification Code field. Click Confirm to verify the code entered.

If the Verification Code is confirmed, you'll receive a success message pop up in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Once finished choosing the Code Delivery Method, and the corresponding fields that populate, click Save User Profile.

Login Process Using Two Factor Authentication

During the Login Process, once the Username and Password have been entered correctly, the User will come to a page to enter the Authorization Code.

If the User's preference is set to Email, the User's Email Address will receive an email similar to the one shown below:

If the User's preference is set to SMS, the Phone Number set up in the User's Profile will receive a text message similar to the one shown below:

Once the Authorization Code has been received, navigate back to CCHD Authorization Code page, enter the Code, and click Secure Login.

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