Intro to User Creation

In this article, we will review User Creation in the Users section of CommandCenterHD (CCHD).

User accounts need to be created for an individual that needs access to CCHD, whether that be for Content, IT, or Administrative purposes. Every CCHD account can create unlimited Users, all with their own tailored permissions for the appropriate level of access within the account.

NOTE: In order to ensure the safety and privacy of information for your organization, Industry Weapon agents are unable to create or manage accounts on your CommandCenterHD instance. Please reach out to your Account's System Administrator for any assistance.

Creating a User

1. Hover over the Wrench Icon in the top right corner of CCHD, and click Users.

2. On the right side of the Manage Users page, fill out the fields with the User's information:

  • First Name - Enter the first name of the User.

  • Last Name - Enter the last name of the User.

  • Email Address - Enter the email address for the User. This will be used to send email notifications to the User, if they have enabled notifications within specific sections or Apps in CCHD.

  • Email Address (User ID) - Enter the email address that will be used for the Username when the User logs into their account. NOTE: This field is case sensitive, so when someone signs into CCHD they will need to enter their Username exactly as it shows in this field. A USER ID CAN NOT BE CHANGED AFTER THE INITIAL SAVE.

  • Welcome Email Template - Choose the Email Template that new Users will receive when they are added to CCHD. Use either the default System Welcome Email Template or a custom one created in the Email Templates section.

  • Administrator - Check this box to give the User Administrator permissions in CCHD. An Administrator has access to all sections and content, including the User Management and the Configuration sections.

  • Default Group - Choose the main Group the User should be associated with in CCHD. The default Group for all Users is DefaultContent, but an Administrator is able to add groups in the Groups section to create custom groups for their teams.

  • Default Dashboard - Choose the default Dashboard View for the User. In most circumstances, leave this option set to Default. However, if you utilize Pins and Projects or like the old look and feel of CCHD, you can choose Projects or any of the Classic options, respectively. NOTE: Basic Fundamentals is a DEPRECATED App in CCHD, so please avoid those options.

  • Grant "All Access" - Check this box to give the User access to all sections and content, except for the User Management and Configuration sections.

  • Permissions and Groups - If the User is not an Administrator or have All Access, use this section to set specific Permissions and additional Groups for the User.

3. Once finished setting the above information, click Save User.

Welcome Email

When the User is added, they will receive the Welcome Email Template that was chosen, which should include their login information, such as the Username, Temporary Password, and Account ID (URL) to login.

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