Intro to Support Cases

In this article, we will review the Support Web Form on’s Support Page.

The Web Form is used to guide a User through the process of submitting a Case to the Industry Weapon Support Team. Doing so allows the User to fill out as much information as possible in regards to the issue experienced. This, then, gives the IW Support Team a solid foundation to begin troubleshooting or determine next steps to resolve the issue.

Ultimately, the quality and quantity of the information provided by the User relates strongly to the time it takes to resolve the issue at hand. So do your best to provide the pertinent details to avoid too many unanswered questions that can delay the resolution.

Accessing the Support Web Form

In CommandCenterHD (CCHD)

On the Navigation Bar at the top of CCHD, click on the Support tab.


On the Navigation Bar at the top of the page, click the Support tab.

On the Support page, click the Open a New Ticket button.

Confirming the Focus of the Issue

Starting at the beginning of the Web Form, you’ll encounter dropdowns listed as Topic, Category, and Details. These fields down narrow the focus of the Case, as well as identify the launching point for troubleshooting steps.

Topic allows you to pick a specific area related to the Industry Weapon product to begin with, such as CCHD, Devices, and Servers. Category dives into that Topic, while Details allows you to narrow the focus even further for some of the more complex Categories.

As an example, if you’re having an issue with your Intel NUC P1 device, the Topic will be Device Issues, the Category will define the hardware as Intel, and the Details will let you choose P1 from the list of options for the Intel Devices.

Provide Details about the Issue

The next section will allow the User to elaborate on the details of the issue.

First, give a detailed Description of the Issue. This is any related information to give us a background on what you have experienced, even including troubleshooting steps you’ve taken so far to help gather knowledge to determine the best next steps.

Next, list the steps taken to Replicate the issue if you’ve identified a pattern, have confirmed a set sequence of actions that trigger the issue or error, or if the issue happens at a specific time of day. This helps our team reproduce the issue in house to better determine the root cause.

Is it difficult to put the steps into words? Feel free to record your screen as you work in CCHD to trigger the issue or take a video of the playback issue on your phone and attach it to an email once the Case has been opened.

Then, choose the Priority level based on how disruptive the issue is. All issues are important to us, so choosing between Low, Medium, High, and Urgent Priorities will allow our team to focus their attention on the true emergencies.

Account, Contact Information and Submission

Lastly, fill out your information so we know your CCHD Account Name and the best contact information to reach out for next steps.

To send the Case to the IW Support Team, check the box to confirm you aren’t a bot and click the Submit button.

Once the Case is submitted, you’ll receive an automated email response letting you know your Case has been received by our team, and that you should hear from us shortly with next steps.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak with a Live Agent, please call the Industry Weapon Support Team at 877-607-0562.

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