Intro to Important Information

In this article, we will review the Important Information tab on the Navigation Bar in CommandCenterHD (CCHD).

Important Information allows you to quickly access information about your Account and MediaBridge Zones, as well as set your Default User Settings throughout CCHD.

Account Information

The Account section displays the unique ID, PINs, and Version for the CCHD Account:

  • Account - A unique Account ID used to connect Devices and Bridges to CCHD.

  • PIN - A unique Account PIN used to connect Devices and Bridges to CCHD.

  • Web Cache Key - A unique PIN used to connect Devices and Bridges to the Web Cache tied to the CCHD Account. (Mostly relevant to E Series Devices and certain integrations.)

  • Default Group - The main group associated with the current User.

  • Version - The active version for the CCHD Account.


The Zones section details the information for all MediaBridge and AppBridge Zones within CCHD:

  • Zone Name - A descriptive name to allow users to identify the MediaBridge/AppBridge.

  • Zone ID - A tag used to connect the MediaBridge/AppBridge to the CCHD servers during configuration of the appliance. NOTE: The Zone ID is alphanumerical and does not allow for spaces or special characters. The ID is also case sensitive, so remember to add it to the MediaBridge/AppBridge exactly as shown in CCHD.

  • IP Address - Displays the last-reported IP address associated with this Zone listing

  • Bridge - Identifies the type of Bridge: MediaBridge (MB) or AppBridge (AB)

  • Device Count (MediaBridge ONLY) - Shows the number of devices associated with the Zone

Default User Settings

The Default User Settings allows a User to quickly access and edit their default settings to best utilize CCHD:

  • Group - Set the Default Group for the User, based on the Groups that the User has access to.

  • List Filter - Set the Default Filter for all sections in CCHD: My Items (Default), My Group's Items, or All Items.

  • List Folder View - MediaHD, TemplatesHD, CampaignsHD, and ChannelsHD all have Folder sections on the left side of the Manage pages. This field sets the Default Folder View in TemplatesHD, CampaignsHD, and ChannelsHD: Closed (Default) and Open.

  • List Size - Set the Default List Size for all sections in CCHD: 15 (Default), 30, 45, and 60.

  • Sort Options - Set the Default Sort for all sections in CCHD: Last Modified Date (Default), Name, and Date Created.

  • Campaigns in Channel Sort - When adding a Campaign into a Channel, you choose the Campaigns from a dropdown field with a list of all Campaigns. This sets the Order of Campaigns in that list to be sorted Alphebetically (Default) or by Last Modified Date.

  • Campaigns in Project Sort - Set the Default Sort option for Projects listed in the Projects and Projects - Classic Dashboards: Last Modified Date (Default), Name, and Date Created.

  • Dashboard View - Set the Default Dashboard for the User. In almost all cases, a User should use the Default option. If you utilize Pins and Projects, the Projects option is used as a quick access point to change Media and Text. The Classic options display Default and Projects as their original look and feel CCHD.

  • System Diagnostics Position - Changes the location of the System Diagnostics section on the Dashboard: Bottom (Default) or Top.

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