Intro to Account Clean Up

In this article, we will review best practices when it comes to managing and cleaning up the assets in your CommandCenterHD (CCHD) account.

As Users add and create new assets, CCHD can become cluttered with information that is no longer relevant or in use. Because of this, it's best to clear out the old, unused content that lives within your account to keep things tidy and make sure CCHD is running at the most efficient level possible.

As a rule of thumb, it's best to start with the House Keeping Tool in the Utilization App, to clean up Templates, Campaigns, and Channels, and then move to the Connection Tool in MediaHD. That way, when you get to MediaHD you have removed the slides and backgrounds utilizing the Media assets.

At the end of the article, we will discuss best practices when it comes to User management and how the Users section in Utilization can help to identify which Users aren't logging into the system.

Utilization App - House Keeping Tool

The House Keeping section in Utilization is designed to help Administrators identify assets that are currently or no longer in use.

1. Use the Asset Type to choose which items you'd like to search:

  • Channels

  • Campaigns

  • Templates

2. Then, use the Sort By to modify the report to filter by Creation Date or Last Modified Date.

To filter even further, you can check the Not Used box and it will only show assets that or no longer in use.

3. To Delete an Asset, you can click the Red X associated with the individual asset.

If you'd like to Bulk Delete Assets, check the box to the left of the assets and click the Trash Can button next to the Sort By field at the top.

MediaHD - Connections Tool

In MediaHD, you will need to go into an individual asset to check what other sections are utilizing the Media and remove the ones that are no longer in use.

NOTE: It's usually best to Sort the Media by Date Created to start, as it will put the oldest content first, and work it's way towards those most recently added to CCHD.

1. Edit a Media asset by clicking on the thumbnail, name, or Notepad Icon. Below is an example of the Edit window that will populate.

2. Underneath the Preview of the Media, click Connections (Chain Link Icon).

This option shows a list of Templates and Campaigns that host the Media asset.

3. When you have verified that the Media is not connected to any Templates or Campaigns, you're good to Delete the asset.

To Delete, exit out of the Edit window. Then, hover over the Media asset in the MediaHD Library. Lastly, click the Red X.

Utilization App - Users

The Users section in Utilization houses a list of all the Users in CCHD, including their User ID, Name, Date Created, and when was their Last Login.

When reviewing this list, use Last Login , and cross reference against the Date Created, to verify who is active in the system.

Here is some information to consider when interpreting the data:

  • 1 Day Ago - This means the User has been in CCHD within the past 24 hours.

  • Never - The User has never logged into CCHD. Usually, it's best to check this against Date Created , as there maybe a chance the User has recently been added and has not initially logged in.

  • Less than 200 Days Ago - Referencing Date Created, this User is most likely in the system infrequently for content updates or adding/troubleshooting Devices, but needs access to the system as an Admin, IT User, or backup Content User.

  • More than 200 Days Ago - Referencing Date Created, this still may relate to an Admin, IT User, or backup Content User. However, at this point you should follow up with the User to see if they still need access to CCHD, as they may have been added for a one-time purpose or never really needed to be in the system.

  • Over a Year Ago - If you find it necessary, you can still reach out to the User, especially if its an Admin or IT User, to see if they still need access to CCHD. However, in most cases, you can remove this User as they most likely have no reason to be in the system.

Removing a User

Once you have determined next steps with the User(s), if you plan to remove them from the account you can access Users under the Wrench Icon in the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.

You can Delete the User by clicking the Red X associated with the User, and follow the browser prompt to verify removal.

Or you can use the Merge User functionality, if you would like another User to absorb the information and assets tied to the defunct User. If merging, please review the Merge User article in full to properly merge the information you want to the new owner.

NOTE: It's not necessary to merge a user if you plan on removing them from CCHD. All assets owned by that User will still remain in the system, but the asset will no longer have an owner. This should not cause any issues with viewing, accessing, or using the assets.

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