Intro to Troubleshooting an LG 3.0 IW Player

In this article, we will discuss different troubleshooting steps to take if your LG 3.0 E Series device is experiencing playback issues.

When experiencing playback issues with your LG 3.0 device, we want to ensure:

  • The Software Version is up to date,

  • The Device has a proper Network Connection

  • The Date and Time are configured correctly on the monitor.

Is the TV's Software Version up-to-date?

Current LG 3.0 Software Version: 04.74.50

When experiencing playback issues with any E Series device, the first thing to confirm is if the TV's software is on the latest version supported by the IW Player. If the TV is on an older version, or even on a newer version that may not be supported yet, issues can occur that can easily be solved by updating to the supported version for the TV.

Below are the instructions on how to check what version your TV is running and how to update the software if it is necessary:

Checking the Software Version on your LG 3.0

1. Press the Home Button on the remote to access the Menu on the TV.

2. Navigate to Information and press the OK button.

3. In the S/W Version tile on the screen, confirm the version number that shows to verify if the TV is on the current supported version: 04.74.50

If the software version is not on the current version listed above, please follow these steps to upgrade the TV:

1. Download the .epk file below to access the files to the current software version:

2. On a USB Drive, create a folder called LG_MONITOR and put the .epk inside the directory.

3. Plug the drive into the TV. The Software Update page should come up automatically.

NOTE: If the Update page doesn’t populate, hit the Settings/Gear button. Navigate and hover over the General section, and press the [7] button on the remote control seven times.

4. Hit the Update button and wait for it to reboot.

Does the TV have a proper Network Connection?

If the device is not connecting to the MediaBridge and the Software Version is on the current version, the next step to take is to confirm that the TV has an adequate network connection to communicate.

As you're following the steps below to check the network settings on the TV, make sure to have your team double-check the firewall rules to confirm the ports are open. The E Series Network Diagram is a good resource to use when troubleshooting network connection issues.

To check the Network Connection:

1. Press the Gear Button on the remote to access the Settings Menu on the TV.

2. Then, navigate to All Settings (three vertical dots).

3. Next, navigate to Network. Based on the chosen Network Connection, either Ethernet or Wifi, confirm that the TV is connected. If not, navigate into the Connection option and review the information to make any necessary changes.

Is the Time and Date correct on the TV?

When the Time and Date are incorrectly set on the TV, whether it be Automatic or Manual, this can cause discrepancies with syncing and playback on the digital signage player app.

Follow the steps below to confirm the Time and Date on the TV is correct:

To check the Date & Time on the TV:

1. Press the Gear Button on the remote to access the Settings Menu on the TV.

2. Then, navigate to All Settings (three vertical dots).

3. In the General section, navigate to Time & Date.

4. Confirm the TV is set to the correct Time & Date. If the TV is on the incorrect Time & Date, please switch the detection from Auto to Manual and set the proper configurations.

Troubleshooting Next Steps

If you have completed the steps and verified all of the information above and are still experiencing problems, please reach out to the IW Support Team to assist in troubleshooting and determining the root cause of the issue.

Please Open a Support Case or call 877-607-0562.

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