Intro to Confirming the Model of your Samsung

In this article, we will review how to confirm your Samsung device's model code.

Knowing the model of Samsung will be the first step in gathering information to troubleshoot issues with the device. No matter if you have a Samsung SSP or Tizen, the steps are relatively straight forward.

How to confirm the Model of your Samsung

1. Press the Menu Button on the remote to access the Settings Menu on the TV.

2. In the Menu, navigate to Support.

Samsung SSP

Samsung Tizen

3. Then, select Contact Samsung.

Samsung SSP

Samsung Tizen

4.On the Contact Samsung page, confirm the model of the TV using the Model Code:

Samsung SSP

Samsung Tizen

How to read the Model Code

When determining the model, you really only need to confirm the letters within the code, as the number represents the size of the screen which usually has no bearing when troubleshooting the device.

In the example above, the Samsung's model is a DBE.

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