Intro to Installing and Activating a Store App

In this article, we will review how to Install and Activate a Store App within the Apps section in CommandCenterHD (CCHD).

When first accessing a Store App the App will need to be installed in the account, and then activated. Each individual User in CCHD will need to install and activate the App in their account after an Administrator initially installs and activates the App for the full account.

Accessing the Store App

1. On the Navigation Bar at the top of CCHD, click Apps.

2. In the Apps section, use the Search Bar to find the App.

3. Select the App.

Installing the App

If the App is not installed, it will show under Store in the Apps section.

Click on the App and, then, click on the Install button.

Next, choose the Zone to associate the App with and which Users you are Sharing the App with: All or a specific User or Group. Lastly, click Confirm.

NOTE: If you are not an Administrator in CCHD, you will see a Request Install which will be sent to your company’s Administrator(s) for installation.

Activating the App

If the App has not been activated in your User account yet, you'll see it listed under Store in the Apps section.

To Activate the Store App, follow the steps below:

1. In the App, click on the Activate button.

2. Once the app is Activated, it will display in the Apps section under My Apps.

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