Intro to the Events App

In this article, we will review Events within the Apps section in CommandCenterHD (CCHD).

The Events App allows a User to quickly create customized content based on events pulled in from a variety of applications and services. First, select the source from which your event data can be pulled. You may choose from Excel, iCal, Exchange, EMS, Bibliocommons, or Cadapultfm.

Accessing, Installing, and Activating the App

Trying to access the App? You can use the following article to understand how to find, install, and activate the App if it is available in your CCHD account:

Creating an Events Source

1. On the Slides page, navigate to the Sources button in the top right corner of the page.

2. Click Add New Source.

3. In the new window that populates, choose from the following as your Source option:

  • iCalendar

  • EWS

  • Excel

  • EMS

  • Bibliocommons

  • Cadapultfm

4. Based on the option you choose, you'll need to complete the available fields for the source to access the information. iCal, EWS, EMS, Bibliocommons, and Cadapultfm all need access to the account information tied to the source, while Excel is a manual upload of a file that is properly configured for the feed.

NOTE: If you need a Excel Template to build off of, click the Download the Starter File at the bottom of the window to download a template.

Creating an Events Slide

1. On the Slides page, click on Create New Slide at the top of the page.

2. Select from one of the Templates for the Slide based on whether you want the content to be a sidebar or a fullscreen asset.

3. On the Slide Editor page, you'll see a preview of the feed on the left and settings on the right.

NOTE: You will not see a preview at first. The preview will populate as you configure the source and settings for the slide.

4. Using the Data Source field, select one, or multiple, existing Source(s) or Add a New Source to add data to the slide.

5. Then, fill out the following fields based on how you'd like to configure the Slide:

  • Title - Give a unique name to the Slide

  • Day Limit - Select the desired amount of days to present on the slide.

  • Colors - Select the colors for different assets on your slide, like Text and Overlay.

  • Select Background - Add a Background to the Slide.

  • Select Logo - Add a logo to the Slide.

6. Once finished, click Create & Publish.

A window will populate and give the options to, either, continue Editing the Slide or go Back to the Slides List.

Previewing an Events Slide

To preview the Events Slide, hover over the Thumbnail of the Slide and click on the Eye Icon.

Publishing an Events Slide

To publish the Events Slide for use at the Template or Campaign level, hover over the Thumbnail of the Slide and click on the Cloud Icon.

Editing an Events Slide

To edit the Events Slide, hover over the Thumbnail of the Slide and click on the Pencil Icon.

Removing an Events Slide

To delete an Events Slide, hover over the Thumbnail of the Slide and click on the Trash Can Icon.

Adding an Events Slide to a Template or Campaign

Once you are ready to start using your Events Slide on a Template or Campaign, follow the links below to review how to add a piece of App Content to the background or slide:

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