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How to use InfluencerCandy
How does InfluencerCandy work?
How does InfluencerCandy work?

What do influencers see? What happens in the background?

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InfluencerCandy enables you to find relevant influencers, kick-start your campaign in minutes, and track your sales - all in one place.

Once you've setup your program, we will execute a set of actions for influencers you add to the program:

For a more detailed breakdown, please refer to this more detailed flow chart.

Will InfluencerCandy work for me?

InfluencerCandy is not suited for all types of Influencer Marketing strategies. It is best suited for brands who want to pursue a product seeding strategy.

Learn more about the strategy and how InfluencerCandy helps in this article: How does InfluencerCandy help drive sales?


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