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How Do I Integrate With Salesloft?
How Do I Integrate With Salesloft?

Here are some steps to connect your Salesloft and export records to it!

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Using Salesloft? Let's jump in and learn how to connect it to to export companies and contacts directly to your Salesloft instance!

First, you need to log into and navigate to your Settings.

Open the Integrations tab and locate the Salesloft logo.

As you can see above, your Salesloft logo is greyed out, which means the integration hasn't been set up yet.

To connect your instance, simply click the Salesloft logo. A window will pop up prompting you to enter your Salesloft credentials πŸ‘‡

Congratulations! Now that you have activated the Salesloft integration, you can adjust your mapping settings.

Click the Salesloft logo once again to open mapping settings. They consist of two blocks: Company Mapping and Contact Mapping.

On the left side, you will see Account & People fields present in your Salesloft instance. On the right side, you will have the ability to choose corresponding fields from the dropdown.

The fields are mapped by default at the time your Salesloft integration is toggled on. However, if you wish to change your mapping settings or prevent certain data points from being exported to your Salesloft, you can simply choose a different selection from the dropdown on the right, or delete the selection altogether.

Make sure to hit the Save button after making any changes to mapping settings.

Note: Any required fields within your Salesloft will be marked with a red asterisk.

Are you ready to start filling your cadences with quality data yet? Let's learn how to export contacts and companies!

We promise you, it's really simple! Find the data you'd like to see in your Salesloft, hit the "Export" button, and select Salesloft from the dropdown. If you are exporting contacts, you can also easily choose the cadence you'd like to add your contacts to. After you click Export, we will start processing your export request.

You'll see a summary of your export and the number of credits you'll be charged upon successful completion of the export process. Upon your confirmation, will send your selected data to Salesloft and notify you as soon as the export is complete. That's all, now your Accounts and People tabs are filled with fresh data!

Reach out to your CSM if you have any questions via email or through the in app chat service.

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