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What Campaigns Are Best For Me?
What Campaigns Are Best For Me?

How to find what to promote

Written by Cayla Gallo
Updated over a week ago

If you are having trouble finding the best offer to promote, you are in the right spot!

We have set up a few sorting features to help you find the perfect offer to promote:

Top Campaigns on the home screen - These are our current highest revenue generating offers - they are working for others so there is a good chance they will work for you as well

Campaigns Tab

  1. For You - These are offers that we custom curated for you based on the what you have told us about yourself

  2. Offers - This is all offers we have available so if you want to take a look through everything this is the place to go

  3. My Offers - These are offers you have run in the past and or have been granted access to


  • If there is a specific offer you know you want to run you can type it into the search bar

  • You can also filter by Country, Category or Device (iOS or Android or both)

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