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How Does The Pricing Work?
How Does The Pricing Work?

what do I get paid off of?

Written by Cayla Gallo
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the Infuse App where you get paid for performance!

This means you get paid based on the results your social posts drive. (eg. if you post and drive 100 downloads through your link in bio, and each download is worth $5, then you earn $500) The best part of this pricing model is that it usually means you have unlimited upside to earn if your post goes viral!

You may see "performance marketing" terms used throughout our app, so here's what they mean:

  • CPI (Cost Per Install) - The payable event to you is an install of an app

  • CPA (Cost Per Action) - The payable event to you is a down-funnel action of some sort. Most likely, someone submitting their email into a form (like a signup).

We may occasionally have some pay-per-post offers (although rare) - where the payable event is just posting an approved video/photo.

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