What is Infuse?
Written by Cayla Gallo
Updated over a week ago

Infuse is a platform that helps creators monetize their content by working with top brands. Creators of all types and in all niches can join campaigns on Infuse.

Here's how Infuse works:

There are lots of brand campaigns available in the app, and you can scroll through the campaign page to learn all about them. You'll see what each brand is offering (payout), what they want you to advertise, and some best practices for advertising their products. Don't see a particular brand in the app you want to work with? Request it and the advertiser team will try to find it for you. See a campaign you like? Just hit the "request access" button.

Some campaigns might ask you to submit a sample video ad before you can join the campaign. This is just so they can see what you're planning to promote before you do it. Once you hit "request" and submit your video (if required), you'll be approved and given a trackable link to include in your bio.

Then, all you have to do is post your video and drive people to your link. You'll get paid based on the actions the advertiser is looking for.

When you're ready, get paid quickly and easily, with a "cash out" button that allows you to receive payment in as little as 2-3 business days. It's really that easy!

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