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How does performance-based advertising work?
How does performance-based advertising work?
Written by Cayla Gallo
Updated over a week ago

Performance-based advertising is a type of advertising in which payment is based on the performance of the ad, rather than a flat fee. In other words, the advertiser only pays for the ad if it achieves a specific goal, such as generating a sale or a lead.

Infuse's advertisers use this type of advertising as an effective way for businesses to reach potential customers and to give our creators the ability to earn as much as they want with no caps, like a flat fee deal.

There are several different ways our performance-based deals are structured. For example, the advertiser may pay the creator per subscriber they generate through the ad, or per download of an app they generate. In some cases, our advertisers will offer pay bumps if the ad performs particularly well.

Overall, performance-based advertising can be a great way for our creators to maximize their earning potential from their content.

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