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Campaign Eligibility
Campaign Eligibility

A resource for understanding what campaigns you are eligible for.

Written by Cayla Gallo
Updated over a week ago

At Infuse, we have recently implemented a system that only allows specific creators to access certain campaigns.

Specifically, creators who run meme accounts or faceless accounts are only eligible for our UpLevel Rewards campaigns. Creators with likenesses are given full access to all of our campaigns.

The reasoning behind this decision is rooted in the fact that we want to ensure that our campaigns are promoted by creators who are truly passionate about the products or services being advertised. Real people, as opposed to faceless or meme accounts, are more likely to have a genuine interest in the campaign and therefore be more effective in promoting it.

Additionally, allowing only real people access to all campaigns helps to prevent fraud and manipulation. Meme accounts and faceless accounts are more susceptible to being used for fraudulent activities. By limiting access to certain campaigns, we can better protect our advertisers and ensure that their campaigns are being promoted fairly and honestly.

Infuse is creator-first; we want every creator to have an equal opportunity to make money. We look forward to continuing to support creators with more revenue opportunities, now and in the future!

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