Tasks are a way to create reminders, assignments or list any risk issues that you or anyone you are collaborating with can see and track status of in real time. You can assign task as a general item or have it connected to a proposal or project.

Anyone with an Ingenious account can use Tasks (includes OpenCA, OpenCA+, and ProIO).

There are multiple locations where Tasks can be added within the platform. These locations are considered 'Sources'. These sources include the project's Schedule of Values, Meeting Minutes, Project Milestones, RFPs, CRM, Reports, Inspections and Punch List Items. 

Although Tasks can be created from the previously mentioned locations within the platform, the instructions below will be starting from creating the task from the Actions dashboard at the top of every screen.


Enter Task Details

  1. Using the Actions button at the top of the screen, click Add Task

    Note: if you click the Add Task button from other areas of the platform (Master Project Budget, Meeting Minutes, RFPs..etc), the task will automatically associate itself to the selected project/proposal.

  2. Add details about the task:

Add Checklist Items

Create a checklist of items that you want completed within the Task as subtasks. There is not limit to the amount of checklist items you can add to the task. This is an optional step.

Add Files to Task

Upload or drag and drop any Files or backup documents needed for reference. 

  1. Click Upload a file or drag & drop any file into the task 

  2. Choose to Share the file to those assigned to the task

  3. Choose if the file should be identified as important, those assigned to the task will see this.

Save and Send Task

  1. Once all checklist items and files have been added, click Save Task within the first tab of the Task page to save and send the task.

The task will now appear within the list of tasks listed within your task list under the Projects module.

Next Step

Manage Tasks

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