The Connection Requests feature allows you to see the status of all companies connected to your company's workspace. This feature also allows you to disconnect connected accounts and retract invitations to collaborate with your Company's workspace.


When inviting 3rd party connections (e.g. project contacts) to the platform, users have the option of labeling the invited party as "On-System" or "Off-System." The following provides an explanation of the differences:

  1. On-System Contacts: Have their own active account within their respective employer's workspace in the Ingenious platform. They are capable of collaborating with any connected on-system contact within their Ingenious platform network.

  2. Off-System Contacts: Do not have an active account and their respective employer does not have a workspace in the Ingenious platform. They are only capable of receiving and importing critical project information/documentation and not collaborating within the Ingenious platform.

The benefit of connecting with on-system contacts is once both contacts have connected, they are capable of seamlessly collaborating throughout their project lifecycle within the Ingenious platform.

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